How do you get the clearest signal from cable TV?

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How do I get a cable signal for an older Sylvania projection TV?

I just got an older Sylvania projection TV from a friend. I have the cable hooked up to the TV, but I can't seem to get a signal. I just get static. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Since the TV has a "Cable In" jack, it's obviously cable...


It most likely needs a cable box or digital adapter, depending on your CSP and level of service you...

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How do i get my tv to get signal to my cable box.?

Im trying to hook my PS2 up to my tv, and since it doesnt have the right hook ups, i plugged those yellow, red and white cord plug things into our blu ray player. i turned my blu ray player on, and hit the imput button on the players remote, but it didnt...


You will either need an adapter to plug the ps2 directly into the tv or you can try what I suggest below...

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How do I get a digital signal from my cable box into a DTV Ant Input on my TV Tuner?

My cable box has HDMI and Composite outputs and my TV tuner card has a DTV Ant input for OTA Digital stations. Is there a way to get a digital signal from my cable box into my Tuner Card?


You can not do that, the input on your tuner card is for an analog radio frequency (rf) signal. True...

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How do I get a signal from my MacBook Pro (late 2008 model) to my analog TV with a single link DVI-D Cable?

i have a Macbook pro and a Single link DVI-D cable for the mini-display port. What I want is to get a signal to my ordinary tv (not high def). how can I achieve this and what other cables would be required? (I know that audio will need to come from the...


Unfortunately, you cannot. Your old boob-tube TV requires a composited analog signal. The DVI-D adapter...

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How do you get a macbook to send a signal through the mini DVI-to-VGA cable to a tv?

I have a macbook that has a mini DVI output, and I want to display the image on my computer to my HDTV. How do I tell the macbook to send the signal through the cable, and if you know, what should the TV input selection be? THANKS!!!


What input do you want to go into on the TV - HDMI, component, S-Video, composite...? There's a cable...

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I want to program cable TV & cable box. I only have the cable company's remote. How do I get the TV to ch 3?

My daughter gave me her JVC TV without the remote. I think the reason I can't program it to the cable TV box is because I can't get the TV on channel 3. Does anyone know how I can get the TV to channel 3? When I press the channel button on the TV, I...



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How do i get cable tv?

so i moved to this apartment and try to get cable tv service i call dish network but didnt work out because there is 2 huge tree right outside the building that's blocking the satelite dish signal. i tried cable tv like Times warner but it cost like...


I found some software that lets me get 650 FREE CHANNELS including most of the cable channels that I...

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Coaxial tv cable in to RCA signal out... where can I get a signal splitter?? Looks like RF mod but diff.?

An RF modulator has antenna cable IN & OUT and has Red/white/yellow connectors for signal IN, from a DVD to go out to your TV. I need a signal splitter which takes the signal from more


This is a common problem these days. Many DVD/VCR units do NOT have analog cable TV tuners built in...

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Once I hook up my laptop to my TV with a monitor cable and an RCA sound cable, how do I get the picture on TV?

If I have both the blue monitor cable and the RCA cable hooked up to my Samsung Flat Panel LCD TV, how do I get the picture from the Laptop to the TV? Which buttons do I press on the computer and what input should the TV be on?


First, sorry about my English. Well, just press Fn+SomeKey that have a monitor symbol on it. It depends...

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How do i get audio from an hdmi cable connected to my tv to play audio through surround sound.?

In my basement i have a plasma tv connected to an audio box which runs the surround sound on the other side of the room with the cables running through the wall. i had been running an xbox 360 with standard yelow white and red cords in an outlet under...


It's not possible. You answered your own question. How would your receiver on the other side of your...

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