How do you hide youtube video?

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how do I show/hide a youtube video using jquery without losing current state?

I'm building a jquery ajax page that shows a list of youtube videos. I've got two views on the page (list & video), which are built as LI elements, floated left, inside a UL element. I built it this way because the transition between the views is done using a horizontal slide effect and I found that using the list allows the page to vertically resize correctly when the height of the views are different. When a video is selected from the list view, I first see if it exists inside the DOM. If...


Try changing the video's visibility: visiblity: hidden Tou can append this...

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How do I keep the audio of a Youtube video but hide the video screen?

On websites, I've seen people put a youtube video with only the track bar, but they are able to hide the screen. Which part of the HTML code did they delete?


Go to and search for the video you're looking for. They have an audio only option!

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How to hide youtube video on myspace?

ok so how do i hide the video part of the video [lol] and just show the play button & stuff at the bottom on myspace?


only way would be profile 2.0

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How to hide youtube video?

i need a code to hide my youtube video on my myspace please kay thanks :]



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Does anyone know how to hide a youtube video you uploaded from individual people?

I am uploading a video on youtube for my friends birthday and I don't want my friend to see it until she comes over..


Make it Private until you're ready to "release" it. I've made a Memorial video for a well...

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How to hide music video from youtube help?

I need help finding a website that you can share the videos from that website to post on your facebook wall but when you post it, it doesnt show where the video came from and has no information....something like that?


Create a new email address, then create a new youtube account with that new email address under a psudo...

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I need to download "Hide & Seek" by Love is a story for FREE or a youtube video with it?

Just anywhere where it streams is good, Not and ive tried MySpace but the song is 20 minutes long so its leeches out before it will complete, a youtube video with the song would be wonderful!


you can download below freshmen

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Is there any way to hide all comments when watching a Youtube video OTHER THAN enabling Safety Mode?

I'm really getting tired of reading hateful, unnecessary, obnoxious comments about things that don't even relate to the video when I go to Youtube - there USED to be an option more


[FIX] Safety mode has hidden comments for this video | On YouTube | 1080p HD

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Can a website hide a youtube video but play the sound during its user experience? Is that allowed?

Is it allowed for a website to play youtube video with only the sound for it's users?


Yes - this is very possible. Set the video to autoplay and put it below the fold on the webpage.

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To to video manger and select the video, go to actions, and make it private. During the upload you can...

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