How do you make a picture for your yahoo answers?

Let’s learn how do you make a picture for your yahoo answers. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You must first make it your Twitter avatar. You then link Twitter to Yahoo in the Yahoo Profile. It...

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How do I make my yahoo profile picture be my yahoo answers picture as well?

When I go to "edit preferences" or whatever and try to change my yahoo answers photo to that one, it won't let me highlight the middle option, it says "we don't have a profile listed for you" ...even though I do have a yahoo profile...


yeah this is happening to me too

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How do you make an avatar picture for yahoo answers?

I see a lot of people with avatar pictures. I was wondering how you make one as your picture. When I joined yahoo answers, i only saw an option to upload a picture directly from your computer. I'm confused! Help!


Here is the link for you to create your Avatar. After you have made your...

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How can i make my picture from yahoo 360 appear in yahoo answers?

im trying to post my picture in my yahoo answers profile but i cant i already tried activating my simple URL and it doesnt work. please someone help!


contact jane her info is in my profile under about me

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How do i make my 360 picture for yahoo answers?

i cant figure out how to put this picture… on yahoo answers :( it wont let me when i go under "Edit my profile information" then select "Use 360 photo" instead of "Use avatar"...


you click on your litttle icon and then you click on it again and then it shuold say something like...

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How do I make a custom picture instead of an Avtar display in Yahoo Answers?

I have a Yahoo! Avatar. But I want to display a custom picture that's in the .bmp format. The "edit public view" page presents me an option of only "no picture" and "Use Avatar". How do I go about?


Okay here's what I did to get a wide range of pics for on here: 1) Create a Yahoo! 360 site. 2) Go to...

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How to you make the little picture that is on your yahoo answers page?

I see everyone on yahoo answers with an animated picture of a themselves or someone. How do you get one?


on ur profile, use the option "use my Avatar" Then you will have a picture. If you don't have...

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How do i make a profile picture on yahoo answers?

I'm new to this site and I need to know how to add a profile picture on yahoo answers from my iPhone plz help I'm to dumb


If you are on wireless you must wait until you are on a computer. Yahoo no longer provides avatars however...

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On Yahoo answers how do u make a picture?

How do u put a picture on yahoo? I want to make my own little person so badly!


by clicking your account and go to picture or simply click the photo section and try to browse your...

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How can I make my picture box on yahoo answers bigger?

A lot of people here have big pictures, I want to mak the BOX that the picture goes in get bigger, how do I do it? My picture is big itself but when I choose it as my avatar on Y!A, more


hey there, yahoo! automatically resizes it. i had same problem with you too before in yahoo answer....

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