How do you make a video file smaller size?

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How to make video file size smaller?

Trying to upload a video created with Windows Movie Maker, it saved as a WMV file and is too large to upload to Youtube or Facebook, and when I made it a zip file it was still too large to even email it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm lost!


The only possible way is the conversion which you have denied . There is no other way and video files...

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How can you change a video file size to make it BIGGER! NOT SMALLER!?

I'm trying to combine all these Youtube vids to make one big file, but there is one vid that for some reason DivX Converter refuses to allow because frame rate, sample bit, more


Use a video converter to convert it, with iFunia Video Converter, you can choose the output video file...

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How do i make my video file size smaller? it is an .avi i made with windows movie maker?

free programs only. i dont want to pay or use a trial that watermarks the video


There is a FREE programme from Microsoft called Windows Media Encoder. It will convert and make smaller...

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Is it possible to make a youtube video file size smaller? (MB)?

lately ive been converting yokutube videos into mp4 to put on my ipod but some of the files are too big in MB size. is there a way i can make the MB smaller so it can fit?


how to put video to ipod?I think it can help you.Cucusoft iPod Video Converter Suite is an all-in-one...

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Look into the GoPro Cineform codec. It can preserve alpha and is designed for fast playback to facilitate...

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I use Ulead Video Studio although I'm sure Windows Movie Maker will also do the job. Jet Audio should...

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How do I convert a 1080p mkv video to a 720/480/360p video to a video with a smaller file size since..?

Whenever I convert my 1080p videos into videos with smaller frames, the video size still gets larger, and I really need to get it down. How do I? All of the video converters I have used always make the file size larger even with smaller frames. Any idea...


i know three exact ways for you to make videos smaller. 1. convert videos-- convert your video to lower...

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How to make a video file smaller (or compressed)?

I have a video i want to upload but it's like 1gb which on my computer will take FOREVER to upload. So im just wondering is their any methods to make the file smaller or compressed more? The file is AVI and is only like 5 minutes, like damn i download...


You could compress it to .RAR format, that will drop its size or even split the .RAR file into smaller...

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How to make a video file smaller?

I need to make my video file smaller... it is currently at 74MB and its a .mov I need to make it smaller for my ICT CW, and it needs to be at most 10MB in size. The video is a short animation lasting about 11-14sec so I'm not sure why its that large...


The video would have been in higher resolution, so that's why it might have large in size. You can convert...

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How to Make video File sizes smaller Without Loosing Quality?

Hey everyone , I Just made a Minecraft Video 13 mins long in HD ".WMV" Format and it is 700mb big , does anyone know a good way to make the file size smaller without taking to much of the quality ?


Convert it to MP4 format using converter,I use WM Converter...

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