How do you update a blu ray player?

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Blu-ray players allow you to watch your favorite movies in 1080p high definition in the comfort of your...

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How do i update my blu ray player?

my blu ray player is model BD350C i was trying to play my new movie avatar it worked before but now it says the lu ray player doesnt match the standards needed to play the movie. Ive heard a couple say that i need to download the update on a cdr disc...


I am assuming that is a Sony Blu Ray Player. You need to go to Sony's Canadian Website and download...

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How do you update firmware on a blu ray player?

My blu ray player no longer plays blu rays. It only plays DVD's. Two people suggested I update the firmware, but how on earth do you do that? I am clueless. I never had to do anything like that when I had a DVD player, so this is new to me. It is a Samsung...


Go to the Samsung website & do a search for the model of your unit. Check your unit to make sure...

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How do I update an LG Blu Ray Player? ? ?

How do I update an LG Blu Ray Player? ? ? This, THANG, is gettin on my nerves. I was on the move really looking for the LG Update, firmware, software, update the BD 550 needs...ya more


I'm having the same exact problem with my LG blueray player as well. Mine is an HB405SU and I cannot...

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How to update blu ray player?

I just got Star Wars Blu Ray but my stupid blu ray cant play it! its a Sony AVCHD anyone know how to update it to the latest software?


If your player is connected to the internet its pretty simple you just go into the set up menu and press...

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How do I update my PS3's blu Ray player?

So I got a new Blu Ray movie and in the begining it said that in order for me to use my disc to it's full potential that I need to update my player... How do I update it??? And more


Go to video settings. Put BD Internet connection to "Allow" It should play now. It's just...

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How Do I update the firmware on my Sony Blu Ray player BDP S300 for Mac OS X Leopard?

I have Mac OS X 10.5.6 and i cant get an update for the firmware of my blu ray player unless i have windows please give me a link or some help on what i can do!


Go to the Apple web site, under support. They may have an update for you.

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How to update a sony blu-ray player?

i want to know how to update my bluray player (i cant seem to get it right) player model: BDP-S300


You dont say what is going wrong, but it looks like you either need to download the update file and...

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Where and how can I update my LG BD500 blu ray player's firmware? And does it cost money?

I've tried to watch blu rays like Youth In Revolt, Toy Story 2 and Death at a funeral, but they don't work because I guess my firmware needs to be updated (I bought it on more


Copy and paste this link into your address bar and download the update there.

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How do I update a samsung bd-p-1500 blu ray player?

How do I upgrade the firmware? We have tried downloading the firmware to the usb flash drive, and connecting the ethernet cable to the lan port on the router and it keeps saying "cannot connect to the internet". Any Ideas? thanks!


First of all You cant just simply download the firmware update to a thumbdrive. What you did was download...

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