How does an automatic AV switch work?

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How does an automatic AV switch work? | Yahoo Answers

I am looking to purchase an AV switch for my entertainment system. I have seen manual switches, and RC switches, ... How does an automatic AV switch work?

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Will either the Av switch from Sega Genesis systems 2 and 3 work on the first Sega Genesis system?

The reason why i am asking this for is because i do have the first Sega Genesis system and i do need to buy an rf switch that does connect from the system to back of the tv and but i do have the av cable one but i rather have the other one just in case...


I don't think that it will since they do look the same as the first Sega Genesis rf unit though but...

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It is most likely due to the type of television you are hooking it up to. LCD TV's have different requirements...

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Little help on Two Av in Inputs?

I have a surround sound system with av in. I have a tv with av in. I figure I need a av switch of some sort but Im not exactly sure if a av switch would even work. Like say if from my surround sound which is av in, to the switch would be be av in, then...


Its highly unlikely that you'll get it working with two IN's ... basically its only an input for both...

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Looking for an av adapter that allows me to use both Component & S-Video.?

PLEASE bare with me because this process is a little hard to explain. I have a Playstation 2 and a TV that includes Component & S-Video. Problem is I have one of those TV's that aren't compatible with the PS2's 240p intelaced signal i.e. PS1 and...


Not commercially. It is something you need to make yourself. The way the A/V ports on game consoles...

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Will these speakers be OK for my AV Receiver?

Please bear with me on this. Please help, I need someone who knows about this stuff as I am confused by all the numbers. My question is a simple one, but impossible for me to work out. Will the speakers (details of which are below the AV Receiver specs...


the amp is a little bit strong for those speakers it may also be that the specs for the amp are over...

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Can I use a 3 to 1 Composite AV Signal Switch as an output for my tv?

Ok so I want to record videos from my Xbox 360 from my TV to my computer, but I realized that there is no output or monitior out on the back of my TV. I found something online called a: 3 to 1 Composite AV Signal Switch. And I was thinking that since...


No. The TV is strictly a receiver, you cannot record from it. And the 3-way switch only selects a signal...

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AV cable problem, I really need help?!!?

i only have one av slot in my tv (LG LCD TV) i want to use both my dvd AND WII at the same time so i can use the remote to switch from AV to Component, my dvd is working fine, but my wii which is connected to the component slot works in gray color only...


Do this, plug your DVD into component to the tv and wii into av that means Y Pb Pr on the dvd to Y Pb...

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Help please, mydish network remote is not working with my vizio tv. I can't switch channels on my receiver.?

I have a lcd vizio that worked great with comcast hd. I now have dish network with a dual tv program ( meaning a receiver and 2 TVs, the vizio plugged into the receiver and the other without a receiver). The problem is that the dish remote control doesn...


Your question is a bit difficult to follow, but I think I understand it. You are using the DIsh remotes...

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Recommended security/AV software for windows 8?

What is the current state of the art / recommended best bet in security and anti-virus software for Windows 8? Paid options are on the table. I'm used to administrating a Linux desktop, but various practicalities require that I use windows at work. I...


See if this article will help:

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