How to change a dimmer switch back to a regular light switch?

Let’s learn how to change a dimmer switch back to a regular light switch. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I change a 3 way light switch to a 2 way switch ?

i have a 3 way wall light switch that is connected also to two outlets (tv & Computer). I want to ONLY use the light switch for the light. 5 wires...2 black, 2 white and 1` red. Can you tell me which ones i ELIMINATE in the actual switch unit? I know it can be done because this is how it has been wired for the last 19 years but I foolishly didn't pay attention when I was trying to change the switch to motion sensor unit.


Since it is a 3-way switch there is another switch controlling the outlets and light as well. The 3...

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How do I change a double light switch to a touch dimmer switch?

I have a double light switch, one turns on the light and the other turns on the fan, but i want to install a touch dimmer switch but am not sure how to do this.


if there in the space of one switch like the type with a switch above the other they do make a slide...

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Just replace the switch, it is as simple as that: the wiring is the same. It is the switch that is different...

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You can go to lowes and purchase a dimmer siwtch , then shut off power in ur house and switch out the...

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How to change a back up light switch ih a 98 eclipse?

my back up lights are out. I already checked fuses and relaids they seem fine plus those are the only lighys out


I would go to a local parts store or and buy the corresponding Haynes or Chilton manual for...

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How to change a combination two switch light switch?

I just changed a combination two switch in my bedroom as the top switch stopped working. Now on the new switch only the top switch works. It turns on the ceiling fan and the light to the ceiling fan, the bottom switch does nothing. I connected the wires...


Did you connect 'line power' to the "break-off fin" side of the switch? That'fin' is a jumper...

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I have a light switch controlling two ceiling lights in the living room. Now I want to change it to a dimmer switch - what type do I need?

The title pretty much says it all, I am just confused with all the "single gang 2 way light switch" jargon I live in a new build and just want to fit a dimmer switch in more


The important thing with a dimmer switch is to buy one rated to suit the total wattage of the bulbs...

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How to change a plastic light switch to metal light switch?

In my hall i have a single bathroom switch, a twin outside and hall switch, a kitchen single switch, a single hall light. The bathroom works as does the outside one but the rest dont. more


Have an electrician replace old switches,he can check the wiring aswell.

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You'd pay for an hour's labor and the dimmer switch. About 100.00 to 120.00

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Answer I just did this job as my dash cluster lights were dimming and brightening while driving. When...

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