How to pass a javascript object back to the server?

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Back to the Server: Server-Side JavaScript On The Rise ...

Back to the Server: Server-Side JavaScript On ... develop web apps using JavaScript server-side ... an object not found error since it server-side only ...

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What is the best way to pass server-side variables to client-side JavaScript?

Our application uses a lot of configuration options. Those options need to be reflected on the client side in the form of User preferences, site wide preferences, etc. Currently, we pass server side settings down to the client side in the form of JSON...


I would say three come to mind. using html5 data attributes on html elements: <div data-username...

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WebKit Javascript Woes

I'm having a strange problem with WebKit's Javascript engine. Please help. Copious explanation inside. I have a live inline comment preview feature, much like MetaFilter's, on my blog. It works great in Opera and Firefox (and MSIE). However, it doesn...


re.compile is not a standard Javascript method. Why don't you just pass the pattern to 'new RegExp(pat...

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How can you send html and other files from a node.js server?

I am running (and learning) a basic node.js program that returns unformatted numeric data in the response object. The chrome browser just shows that data unformatted on screen. However, now I want to return HTML files, so I read an HTML file using the...


You need to read about how http works. It sends the header to browser in response. Check the structure...

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Trouble in passing form object to javascript from hyperlink?

1. <a href="javascript:SelectAll(this.form)">A… </a> 2.<input type ="button" value ="test" onClick="SelectAll(this.form);" /> <script ......> function SelectAll(form) { alert(form...


You could pass the id of the form w/ the link into a function to the get the object and pass that object...

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Loading XML file via javascript

I am writing a web application which requires the loading and parsing of an XML file. The application only needs to run on Internet Explorer v.6+ I use an ActiveXObject for the document object and the load method, i.e.: xDoc = new ActiveXObject("...


Hey Jon, Hmmm... this is a bit odd isn't it, and I can see that if what I'm running across here is...

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Is it a good move to add nodejs server as a middle man between nginx and tomcat, mostly for get requests?

Currently I'm working on a mobile application whose API calls go to nginx which in turn passes that to tomcat server, where we have Java fetching data from mongoDB and sending the results back. Is it a good move to pass the requests from nginx to nodejs...


The short answer is: no, don't do it. Why? Because you're unnecessarily complicating your infrastructure...

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you mean write javascript on a page? <script>window.alert('helloworld') </script>...

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How can I get to open up successive results in the web browser for a roll number and onwards with its usage of post function to pass the request to server limitation?

With icse results, i could extract entire class' result with a simple javascript that opened up successive roll number pages. But cbse results uses the post method so i can't run javascript to modify urls and open them in popups accordingly. For eg roll...


you could do for post objects too, a little tricky , as you need to modify the request object in this...

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pass contents from a file upload upload field to a text field on parent page

i have a shop that needs to upload images. i have all the code ready for upload and image resizing. however, i need to do it like this. on the product submit page.. a link that says upload image with TEXTFIELD1 beside it. you click the upload link and...


Hello, binarian: Ok, so this what I have done so far: -I have fixed your upload/resize scripts to put...

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