How to create a flexible object?

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How to create a deflector object in Cinema 4D?

I am making an animation in c4d using metaballs and emitters, but would like to know how to make an object a deflector? My plan is to have text with a hole in the top, with the meta balls flowing in the top, but it goes straight through? I have tried...


cinema 4D exist? wow that is so cool

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How to create an object class in Visual C++. ?

eg. breed class with dog object, so on..


I would say for example, using the struct function,to creat an object struct ever; { short man; short...

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If someone wants me to create a 3D object out of an image that they have hand drawn, how much should I charge?

Ok, I am a college student and am in my final semester of a CIS (computer information systems) bachelors degree and I have this guy that wants me to create a 3D image out of the drawing that he did and he wants to know a price so I was wondering how...


You charge the time it took you to make it. And yeah, Studio Max is better than Maya imo.

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How can I create various instances of an object and store it in a linked list.?

For example. An order which contains the name of the person, their address and their order number created into an object and then stored into a linked list after which a new user enters their info and an object is created again and then the info is stored...


Here is a good start:

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How to create object image in a space?

can we create the image of an object in space that is in our free environment; Means not by reflecting light on any other surface


Hi. An object with enough mass will curve space and allow you to see an object behind it. This has been...

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How can I create an object by getting the required parameters from JTextFields?

I have 3 JTextFields. Description, deposit and rate. I want the values entered into these fields to be used to create an object from another class which requires these 3 fields (Descrpiton, deposit and rate) and add this field to my current array list...


You need to convert the things from JTextField to appropriate type and call appropriate constructor...

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How to create a glow around an object?

I'm making a stop-motion film, and I want to make a glow around an object, so that the object appears almost invisible/blacked out. Do I do this by just putting bright lights behind my object, or by doing something else? What?


Yup. You just answered your question: backlighting. Use a very bright light source, and make sure the...

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How do I create an dictionary object of words?

I am using Javascript to make a simple text game. This is a Japanese game called shiritori. You take the last character of a word and think of a word that starts with that character. Word1: とり Word2: ã‚Šã‚“ã...


Cool stuff, I love しりとり :D You might want to consider breaking...

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How does the following javascript code create a safe reference to the underscore object?

I was going through the annotated source code of underscore.js when I saw this snippet of code: var _ = function(obj) { if (obj instanceof _) return obj; if (!(this instanceof _)) return new _(obj); this._wrapped = obj; }; The annotation to this...


By the code you've posted what i understand is that it's just making sure if the obj being passed to...

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How do you create a text frame object that ignores paragraph styles?

I'm an experienced ID user but missed this. I want the text frame for spacing w/o overwriting existing paragraph styles. For example, I'll have a heading (H1) followed by a paragraph (P1) in the same frame. When I apply a text frame object (w/ no paragraph...


I don't understand what you mean by "when I apply a text frame object" when you already have...

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