How to pass a variable from AlertDialog to an Activity?

Let’s learn how to pass a variable from AlertDialog to an Activity. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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how to pass yes/no value from alertdialog to an Activity in android

i've recently started developing in android and am currently stuck at a point i need to receive values from a dialog box. I have a mainActivity which extends fragmentActivity and an AlertDialog Class. 1)i created a static method showDefalutDialog in AlertDialog class and its being called from mainActivity button click listener with parameters being passed to alertDialog. 2)In showDefalutDialog static method i created .setPositivebutton and .setNegativeButton with a Yes/No DialogInterface respectively...


You can define you custom interface simmilar to this one: public interface MyDialogClickListener { void...

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TN small government/no regulation Republicans pass “Gateway Sexual Activity” law. Do we need laws to regulate hugs or industry?

The state has passed a long-mocked bill allowing parents to sue teachers and other outside parties for “promoting or condoning ‘gateway sexual activity’ by students.” The controversial measure is intended to curb teen pregnancy...


Where did you get the idea that Republicans are "small government" and "no regulation...

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If your favorite hobby/activity somehow no longer existed, what would you instead to spend/pass the time?

For example if your favorite activity is running, this question is asking how would you spend your time from now on hypothetically assuming that running is no longer an option for you.


Like many others, my favourite activity is reading. I can't imagine what life would be like without...

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I will shortly be traveling to Europe, Specifically Rome, Is there a "city activity pass" I can get?

How much are entrance fees to some of the historical sites in Rome? Do they offer a pass that lets you in most the places, so you dont haave to get a ticket for each location?


Most of the sights and museums are very inexpensive or free. If you have a student ID, they are even...

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Project/activity ideas for expat

I'm living in the capital city of a foreign country whose language I have only just begun to learn. I want some sort of project or activity that I can work on to pass the time and keep me (even superficially) engaged with my surroundings instead of spending...


What about putting together a blog or photo project showing/mapping/describing all of the x in the city...

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• DIACAP The  DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process supersedes the DITSCAP...

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"Heaven and Earth shall pass away But my Word will never pass away."?

Question, what is the catholic creed, chanted in every mass (heathen activity and Idol worship), regarding "World without end"? What is it called and when is the bread more


There is no idol worship in the Catholic Church . Such worship is strictly forbidden. We worship only...

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