How to pass a C structure in Python?

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How can we pass a C structure to Python?

I'm a new in both C and Python. These days, I'm learning to embed Python in C. As I am calling Python functions from C, I'd like to know, how can we pass a C structure to Python? thanks alot in advance!


The cleanest thing to do is probably to create a new type and implement tp_getattr, either returning...

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Why is there no data structure in python stdlib which can be used as a sorted set?

I'm well versed with Java and C++ and both have structures implemented as balanced binary trees that support sorted iterable sets. Python only has lists or hash tables but no structure built over balanced binary trees. In particular I want following...


At the risk of sarcasm: the Pythonic way is to stop worrying and love the slow algorithm. (Probably...

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Does Python (Programming Language) pass a variable to function by-value or by-reference?

I can see Python pass a number or string by value: >>> def foo(x): ...     x += 1 ...     print x ... >>> a 1 >>> foo(a) 2 >>> a 1 If you pass a list to a function, however: >>> def bar(l)...


Everything is passed by reference: >>> def id(x): ... return x ... >>> x...

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How do you print a python unicode data structure?

I figured out how to print python unicode with Chinese characters on to a web page and see the characters: print u_char.encode('utf-8') But if i have a data structure that contains unicode strings, how can i print the data structure and see the characters...


You can do this in Python 2 by subclassing pprint.PrettyPrinter: # coding=utf-8 import pprint _escape...

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In a data scientist interview, should I use Python or C++ for algorithm/data structure questions?

I am used to Software Engineering Interviews where the typical language is C++/Java. I've always used C++. But I am now preparing for Data Scientist interviews, and the main everyday language there is Python. So, in these interviews, when you're asked...


Generally, you should use Python for data scientist interviews. I learned this the hard way. C++ is...

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How do you pass argument to functions in Python?

page = """ <div class="product-primarydata "> <p class="p product-price"> <span class="price-mrp"><del>Rs.100</del></span> <span class="price-fsp...


Is get_tag function part of a class ?. If not then just remove self from the function definition i.e...

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How can Python behave differently when I pass two seemingly identical variables to a function?

What I'm doing is this: #Just two directions: s = [0,1,0] t = [0,0,1] #Two ways of getting the center c1 = [0,1,0] c2 = test.point_to_space(point) p = draw.squarepoints(c1, s, t, 1) plane = mlab.mesh(*p) This works perfectly, but fails horribly if...


In general, c1 and c2 are different objects, with possibly different superclasses. Just because c1 ...

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int findavg(salary[]) { int avg; for(int i=0, avg=0; i<9;i++) avg+=salary[i]; // 9 is the number...

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Why can light pass through diamond but not through graphite despite of the fact that both are made of carbon? What makes a matter transparent? Is it dependent upon the crystalline structure?

I am looking for the fundamental behind the phenomenon of transparency. Diamond and graphite were written just as an example. I wish to know what exactly happens inside the material which allows photons to pass through it. Clearly it does not depend...


Cause you Got to

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Please help me in java programming(Combined Repetition and Decision Control Structure)?

The program should analyze the result of the followimg 1)input each result(1 or 2)Display the message "Enter your number" on the screen each time the program requests another test result. 2)count the number of the "entered number"...


Sorry your question is not clear. I am suggesting base on your sample output. import java.util.*; public...

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