How to retrieve a variable name given its value?

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How do I retrieve a particular value when the table name, column are given in a SQL Procedure

declare @id int execute getLastRaw 'subjectID','tblSubject', @id output print @id alter procedure getLastRaw @column char(20), @tbl Char(20), @return int output as declare @dynSQL varchar(100) select @dynSQL ='SELECT TOP 1 '+@return+'='+ @column + ' FROM ' + @tbl + ' ORDER BY ' + @column + ' DESC' exec(@dynsQL) I want to get the value which gets selected from the select statement. But it says: Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Procedure getLastRaw, Line 5 Conversion failed when converting the varchar...


When you concatenate @return SQL Server tries to convert the whole expression to int because of datatype...

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(Java) How do I retrieve an object when given a value that coincides with one of its variables?

class Stuff{ //the class Stuff has 3 instance variables String name; int mass; int volume; } public class ActualProgram{ public Stuff{ //This method is of type Stuff more


Keep list of object in array or list. Iterate through the objects and check value of each object with...

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Macro error-"the item with specified name wasnt found"

Hi I have a macro that i'm currently modifying. I've finished adding all my parameters. The macro was able to excute properly in the orginal file which it was created in, however when i moved the macro to another file it doesnt seem to process and is...


Make sure you have a sheet named "Master", one called "Sheet2", and two dropdowns...

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How can I filter the result given by c:for each using the value selected in a drop down without going to back end?

Following is my jsp code. <c:forEach items="${nameList}" var="studentList"> <tr> <td style="padding-bottom: .5em;"> <a id="student" href="number?regNo=<c:out value="...


The proper solution for this type of requirement is to let the back end serve up JSON content, then...

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How can I prove a gift has been given to me legally?

An ex boyfriend purchased a laptop for me as a christmas gift, how can i show it is a gift and not anyone elses or a household item???? Details to the laptop that was given as a gift. My ex boyfriend purchased a laptop for me for christmas and is now...


Small claims court. And good luck, since he paid for it I'm thinkin' the odds of you getting are somewhere...

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Given that an ArrayList named a whose elements are of type int has been declared assign the value -1?

I've been having trouble figuring out these erros. Any help is greatly appreciated!! :) 1) Given that an ArrayList named a whose elements are of type int has been declared, assign the value -1 to the last element in a . My answer (Unexpected identifiers...


1) The get method doesn't set anything, it only returns the value at the given index. You're looking...

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Conditional Excel formula to identify right-most column with a value?

I'm grappling with an Excel formula. Given a bunch of columns, I'd like to to (a) identify the right-most column that contains a value, then (b) fill a cell with that value and the value in the column heading. I have a spreadsheet with columns (each...


If you never have a gap between columns, you can use a COUNTIF statement on each row to see how many...

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PHP Retrieve Table with Query?

Hello, I am looking for help with a website that I am creating a sports recording website to record data as and when it happens during the game. I have created the website to insert records into the database on a separate page but want another page to...


if ($_POST[selectAll] == "selectAll"){ $Table = "SELECT * from $db_table"; }else...

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Where did SPAM's name originate from?

Spam is a canned precooked meat product made by the Hormel Foods Corporation. The labeled ingredients in the classic variety of Spam are chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch as a binder, and sodium nitrite...



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calculating cost basis on inherited stocks given as a gift

How do I calculate the cost basis for stocks that were inherited by my father, who later gave them to me? My father inherited a great many of his father's stocks in the 1980s. In 1999, my father transferred a number of the stock certificates to my name...


The rule for inherited property is that the recipient's basis is the fair market value of the property...

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