How to retrieve a JSON as an object in Android?

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Android Java retrieve JSON values and store as object in list

I would like to connect to Api link which can have multiple pages and store all the JSON values as a object in a list. Here is a Api link example with multiple pages, note the number as last being the page you're on. Problems that I have so far encountered and unable to solve. Return type of doInBackground as constructor class apiRootObject and how to deserialize the Json result, its logical why it doesnt work since I its extended from AsyncTask but i do not know how to work around this problem...


It might not be too late to use Retrofit .

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What is the best way to pass server-side variables to client-side JavaScript?

Our application uses a lot of configuration options. Those options need to be reflected on the client side in the form of User preferences, site wide preferences, etc. Currently, we pass server side settings down to the client side in the form of JSON...


I would say three come to mind. using html5 data attributes on html elements: <div data-username...

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Are there augmented reality mobile apps (Android or iPhone) that will allow me to attach voice and text to the stuffs (ex. book, guitar) I have?

I try several AR apps, but most of them are location based and might not work well for different objects insides my house. I would like to attach voice or text to the objects and hope to use the app to recognize the object and retrieve the message again...


Use the Metaio SDK along with the Toolkit.  The Toolkit allows you create tracking maps of 3D objects...

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How do I avoid converting HTML tags elements into JSON Object during an XML to JSON conversion using X2JS?

I am using X2JS for converting XML file into JSON Object. Some XML Tags contains HTML Tags inside it. <xmltag>I am the data <strong>available</strong> for sale now</xmltag> Now I dont want the html tag "strong"...


most probably, the xml snippet you show is not even valid for the xml structure you are using. if you...

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How do I read a JSON object in Python?

I'm mostly a front end guy, but I have worked with Django and Python before, so I thought it would be perfect for a web app idea I had. I actually understand it pretty well (or maybe not!), but I'm having an issue with an Ajax call I am trying to make...


Are you using Python's JSON package or simplejson? Without one of them, Python doesn't know anything...

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How to send JSON object from a html page to a REST web service which consumes application/json ?

How it can be done from a simple HTML page without using Jquery or Jersey/Jackson api's? for example: I want to send the json object having id and name as a parametre.

Answer:… To turn your json object to a string without using...

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How can I retrieve an object from the web interface of Fluidinfo?

Say, I create an object by right clicking on a webpage. Then I start filling in all the fields on the resulting relevant fluidinfo form (like/comment/etc, I also fill in "info" and "description" field). So now I have an object in...


All the information attached to an object is linked to its "about" tag. For example, I just...

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Please write the textual representation of the JSON object below using JSON?

An object describing a person. The object has the following properties :  First name  Last name  Address (door number, street and city)  A list (array) of phone number (mobile, landline and skype number).


Post these kind of questions on or or

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How can I convert JSON format string into a real object in JS?

I am using AngularJS. I get JSON format string from Server using RESTful, but now I want to work with my json response as a real js object I can transfer to other pages and do even more. How to do that? Is there a good framework that does it for me?...


angular.fromJson See this page:

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Node.js: String after json.parse(), get a garbled object, who can tell me why?

I use json.parse() to parse a json string to an object,but the object has garbled.


It would be easier to answer if you provide more information, i.e. your JSON string and how exactly...

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