How good is a career in video game design?

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Video game design as a career?

Im going to the art institute and just switched my major from graphic design to video game art and design. I havent played anything on x box 360 or ps3. Im more of a retro gamer, I would like to know what game design is all about, the future of it, how to come up with story and character ideas, how to get an internship, software i should be familiar with, the whole deal!


You mentioned AI, don't let them trick you into enrolling. It's open enrollment. The school is going...

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Is video game design a good career path?

Are there many job places in the video game design field? Also what does the job involve, salary, Etc..


Here are a few resources that offer a lot of information about video game careers, including game design...

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How Do I Get a Career in Video Game Design?

My name is Sarju and I am 13 years older. Ever since I was about 4 years old, I LOVED video games. My mom yells at me for playing video games too much. It really made me think about more


Well, since you're only about to start 8th grade, you don't need to worry TOO much, but it's never too...

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Would a degree in instrumentation be beneficial in a video game design career?

i want to go into the field of video game design. I am going to a school for computer tech (includes animation, video game design and robotics) and I plan to go to a college for more


electrical engineering bro

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Is a video game design career right for me?

I just graduated HS and I still haven't figured out what career path is right for me. I have thought about going towards the video design path and was wondering if I would be more


Not to discourage you, but that sounds like a hopeless career. It's a very competitive career and millions...

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Video game design career?

I want to do character animation or design video games, the problem is how do i do it? like what courses should i take? classes for college and all of that. im a freshie in highscool so i have awhile to plan but im pretty set on this, i draw and im pretty...


Haha remember when this was what I wanted to do in sixth? Lol they have colleges for it kathleen. Lol...

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What courses are recommended or required for a career in video game design?

My son has a creative streak 7 miles wide, but suffers in an academic environment. He would like to pursue a career in game design, but I don't know where to advise him to start. more


Well, many colleges offer some sort of curriculum involving Video Game Design. It usually falls in line...

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Career advice: Video game design or programming?

I'm 17 years old and I've always been a fan of video games. I'm such a big fan of video games that I would like to have a career in the Gaming industry. Right now more


i think that would be the coolest job ever.. you can be a kid all the time

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What should I do to prepare myself for a career in Video Game Design?

I am into my second year at ITT for a video game design degree. I live in the central midwest and figure I will have to move to either the coasts or out of the country to find a place more


As you told the situation, it is tough to get a job in well known company. Try to hit in progrmming...

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Career in video game design?

I've mentioned this in a previous question but the thought of a career never crossed my mind until now. I'm a 17 year old solo video game designer. I started when I was 14 and more


Not in the united states,,, many jobs for this go abroad for much cheaper labor. Too bad you don't want...

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