How to make a demo for video game?

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Dont even think about making a demo until you know how to program and have a solid idea and layout of...

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How can i make a demo about my video game idea ?

Alright i cant write or spell lol but picture speak better then words some times... I want to make a video about my game and i want to put all that , that game has story line ,game play, missions,weapons,maps u know evrythin is there a software that...


Take a few years learning a program language, then a few more years learning graphic arts and maybe...

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Need help remembering an old 90's pc video game?

As many points as I can give you if someone actually helps me to identify these two games. Background a long time ago I had a demo disk with a whole bunch of dos games on it that I really loved. I have long since lost the disk but would love to re discover...


The game`s name is "Electric Man 2" you can get this game from the below source.

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If you could make a video game about anything you wanted, what kind of video game would you make?

Im a hardcore gamer. Always been. And like any other gamer, I would love to make a game of my own (If I knew anything about making video games) If I made a game it would be an action adventure game like Zelda or Metroid Prime, because I love these kinds...


Noir-style GTA clone where all the humans are replaced by anthropomorphic rabbits who speak Shakespearean...

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How do i make a game video with me welcoming myself in corner while the game it recording on the rest of video?

How do i make a gaming video with me recording myself and it shows in the corner of the video while th the rest of video is like the game. For example this video - more


I didn't know that was possible...

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How can I make a concise, attention-grabbing demo/teaser video for my startup?

My startup is going live in a few months, and our team wants to create a video to generate hype regarding our launch and to give us something to forward to people that might be interested in our website. Our target market (in a broad sense) is teenagers...


I'd say hire someone. At Bread n' Beyond - Animated Explainer Video - we create awesome explainer video...

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How do i make my own video game?

please only answer if u know what u are talking about. me and my friend have a really good idea about a video game and we are wondering how to get started. how do we introduce our idea to a video game company, or do we have to start our own company....


Try Microsoft XNA. Great program and you can make money off the games you're able to create.

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How to make a video game.?

Look guys. I have the most epic idea. I want to make a game. Similar to Grand Theft Auto. I already have planned the people, cars, the map, npc's, weapons, and actions of the player and a PLOT. I have everything. Exept, the software. I have no idea how...


Making a game takes an intense amount of work. You need people that are skilled in modelling and doing...

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I want to make video game backgrounds for my video game thumbnails on YouTube?

My main question is what type of video game images I'm allowed to use for my wallpaper/gradient/background. I know where to find video game wallpaper, but it would seem they'd more



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How can I make a simple video-based Flash game?

I want to make a simple game which goes like this: There is a video playing. The player has to continue pressing a combination of two keys(ctrl and x) for the video to continue playing. As the video goes on, the player will have to press the keys faster...


Have a look here : There are tutorials in the documentation. I am just...

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