How to make a video for youtube?

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How do you make a youtube video with only pictures and a song, not an actual video?

i dont want a real video,but i wanna put a youtube video with pictures and with a song(if that makes sense,lol)...i really need to know how and i need to know a way to do it fast.i dont want to spend a long time on a video. and i really dont want to...


use windows movie maker. load pictures into movie maker and drag and drop them into the timeline .

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How do i make a video for youtube?

how do i make a video for youtube? like change the color of the screen or the shirt i am do you make it look like there are differnet pictures coming up? im sorry there is alot of questions but this girl on youtube does it so well how...


you add effects on windows movie theater and u pause the vid when u wanna change the shirt

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Tips on how to make a youtube video get alot of views! (Coming from a YT partner!)?

-Know how to edit, Cut out all the boring bit's. Highlight what you think is important in the video. -Fill up the description with a link or 2 and info on what the video is about. Same with tags. -Make the title/video about something current and big...


You are aware that you're breaking the question and answer format of this website by posting this? That...

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How to make a good youtube quality video like this one please answer im having trouble i used window movie maker to make my video if their is any settings on their that will make the video better quality please tell me and i am trying to make these video better...


record it and upload

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I want to know how to save a video from to my files(computer) bcoz i want to make my own video

how can i save a video from youtube or video-hosting sites? i know how to make a video but i dont know how to save video to my files or to my computer. can you help me??


U can download and convert the video with moyea flv to video converter, and edit it with windows movie...

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How to make a video...for youtube?+How to get subscribers?!?

-how do i put the blue and white screen in the video??Usually most videos start with a title saying what the video is about ,example:… noticed the porta potty splash title on 0:08 how do i do that???? ...


download windows movie maker

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How do I make my Youtube video's perfect size to make it where everyone can see it normal?

Well I am trying to make tutorials's on Youtube for C++ but my computer's best resolution is 1920x1080 but I am using Camtasia 7 to record and people will show 720p setting so video resolution is 1280x720 but I cant seem to get mine like there's because...


change your computer's resolution to 1280x720 and re-record

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Need youtube help .... how to make a video ...and add it .?

Hey i wanted to make a video with out using a camera... i wanted to make on on the computer using pics. the point is i dont now how? how to make a video ... do i need to download anything .. or do you know a good site where to make one. and then how...


You can make a video using photos with the free Windows Movie Maker application included with Windows...

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How to make my youtube video dimension size bigger/wider/fullscreen?

Below I have posted the link that should take you to a video of mine that I would like to improve the size of the video itself within the "black screen". As you can see, it is visibly...


Theres a button that englarges the content on the far right. Just clock that.

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How do i make an awesome youtube video?

I have a group of 3 singers now. I want to make a video of and put it on youtube. BUt i want to make a super cool more high def video.If you look this video, you will see a bunch of videos made into 1 video...


Yes, look into a video editing software like Final Cut Pro or Premiere.

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