How to copy a video from YOUTUBE into my 360 page?

Let’s learn how to copy a video from YOUTUBE into my 360 page. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How Do I Connect Youtube Account To My Xbox 360? - Google ...

How Do I Connect Youtube Account To My Xbox 360? ... [filter youtube videos[youtube on xbox 360 and click. ... i cant sign into youtube on my xbox 360 ...

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How do you export YouTube video 2 ur 360 page? you can post a video blog? ya know...send videos from your playlist to your yahoo 360 page thanks... =D


On the right side of the videos on YouTube, you'll see "Embed." Copy the HTML tag that starts...

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I need help putting a youtube video on my 360 page.?

I have been doing what i thought was correct. it wont let me leave my 360 page . It tells me i will lose it if i dont save it but i do not see a place to click save while i go back more


copy and paste the code onto your display sheet then there you go!

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Why is it that I'm not able to post youtube video's on my 360 page even when i click on the HTML box?

But sometimes the video will show, but MOST of the time I only get all the letter's and words on my page.


I tried this a few weeks ago, and it wouldn't work at all. But just now, after reading your question...

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How to attach a youtube video or a question from yahoo answers to my 360 page?

I didn't mean to post a link, but to post the question in its form that appear in Yahoo answers, same to youtube too, Thanks


。◕‿◕。Ӈi!!! How to put a video on your blog ➳Just copying...

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How can I add an autoplay Youtube's video to 360 Yahoo! ?

I can add an autoplay Google's video but I cannot add the such kind of Youtube to 360 Yahoo. When you want to add an autoplay Youtube video to another blog or page, you just add "&autoplay=1" after the video's link in the EMBED tag, following...


i wanna know too

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How do I add a YouTube video feed to my Yahoo! 360 blog?

I already tried these instructions - pasted below - that someone else had posted elsewhere, but it still doesn't work on my end. When I post my blog, it still just shows all the codes instead of the embedded video window. 1. write something on ur blog...


U can... check up the link here...… I had add illustrations...

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Can I post a YouTube video on Yahoo 360?

Can I put a YouTube video on my yahoo 360 page? If so, how? I think I saw one on someone else's 360. Thanks in advance.


Yes, but here is a sitewide glitch preventing the normal embedding of videos (and other flash-based...

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None of my YouTube blogs that I put on my 360 page come in with Firefox. Help? ?

I downloaded the Mozilla Firefox and had YouTube songs, etc....copied onto my 360 blogs....they do not come in now...just a big white section. They worked well with IE, but I needed a better browser and downloaded the Firefox. Anyone know how to make...


This is a new glitch on 360 apparently. The same thing has happened on my blog (

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Having trouble embedding youtube video on 360 blog. Can you help?

I have seen other questions about this answered and yet I still cannot post youtube videos on my 360 blog. I copy the embed code from youtube. In blog entry I click on "view html source". I paste the code and unclick "view html source...


What I do is click the "view html source" and then copy the code, then hit enter a couple...

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