How heavy is an average skateboard?

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How heavy is an average skateboard? 1 following . 1 answer 1. Report Abuse. ... Is 2 1/2lbs for a skateboard deck only, heavy average or light ?

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An average skateboard deck now weighs about 2.3 pounds. This is down from the average of the 80's when...

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How long on average does it take to learn how to skateboard?

im a female and im learning how to skate, but i need to know how long it takes because i will be leaving soon. im not talking about doing any tricks just to actually skate... how long more


If you just want to ride the board on a sidewalk or something and not do any tricks, then about 2 seconds...

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How can i make it so that i can cruise around on my skateboard like as if it was a longboard?

I'm about to go to USC in the fall and i've already taken my skateboard there so i know how annoying the campus is to go around on a skateboard because of the bricks in the ground and cracks in the road. I also rode a friend's longboard and it felt so...


I'm pretty sure ucan just put longboard wheels on but small ones and u may need little plastic spacers...

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How to skateboard?

my friend says you just have to learn to skateboard by yourself. but my mom wont buy me a skateboard until i learn. My cousin wont even let me touch his skateboard. And my bro says skateboarding is not for girls, so he doesnt exactly support me. How...


I DIDNT. jkjp. use mine darling....and why dont you just run for excercise gawsh. how am i so smart

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What is the average speed of a average man walking and on a skateboard?

because im thinking of going some where via skateboard, its about 4.5km away the place I'm going and in a car it might take around 8minutes, then when i switch to walking passe it appears that it will take 57 minutes to go there, im using google maps...


Depends alot on how much is uphill and how much is downhill. It's rather difficult to make forward progress...

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What is the best skateboard to get for a 15 year old learning how to skateboard and where should i get it?

I'm 15 and learning how to skateboard. I've been using a friends, but decided to get my own. So what kind of skateboard is best? And what store should i get it at? I don't really want anything to serious like a 75 dollar board since i'm just learning...


just the board its $60 but since ur a beginner buy a blank for $30. then u have to buy trucks: about...

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Im learning how to skateboard , Should i buy a regular skateboard or a penny board ?

Someone is teaching me how to skateboard , all i am going to use it for is to ride places with ! should i buy a penny board or a regular skateboard , I don't know the difference and I need to get to places as quick as possible with just learning what...


i would go with a regular board because its eaasyer to read and before you start doing tricks learn...

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Want to skateboard but am too heavy?

I want to learn how to skateboard, but a lot of boards I have looked at says you should be under 150 pounds and I weight 200. Am I to heavy to learn to skateboard or is their a board more


nope ur not too heavy at all. get a good big board that is sturdy and dependable like: element zero...

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Differance between light and heavy skateboard trucks?

iv had venture krux and tensor. the tensor trucks are very light while the krux and venture are heavy. whitch are better to skate with a heavy or light truck???? i want to get destructo but dont know how heavy they are???? what trucks are the best??...


It depends on how you skate. If you do alot of street skating then light trucks are great. Heavier trucks...

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