How long after diarrhea can you eat normally again?

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What to eat when experiencing diarrhea?

Okay so on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday I had extreme loss of appetite and then on Tuesday all day I had realllly bad gas and stomach pains, then Tuesday night I started having diarrhea, like the realllly bad kind :( Then Wednesday I was so sick all day, felt nauseated all day but never threw up, so dizzy could barely stand, headaches and diarrhea etc, Today - Thursday I woke up feeling a lot brighter, but I have gone downhill, my diarrhea has come back and I just feel really weak, like all my bones just...


diarrhea dehydrates you. take Imodium if you don't go to the doctors. I wouldn't eat for a few hours...

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Diarrhea every time I eat, what is going on?

I'm 7 months along. Healthy and with normal checks up. This last week I've have diarrhea every time I eat. No madder what it is or how much or little of it I eat. When I eat just after a few bits I can feel my stomach start filling with gas, then about...


You might be suffering from irritable bowel disease (IBS). It occurs at any age and is mostly not a...

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Foods I can eat if I have fever and diarrhea..?

Does anyone know what foods I can eat if I have a diarrhea and a fever? Of course, I don't want any foods that could make my fever and diarrhea worse. I'm also kind of wondering if I can eat Chicken Noodle Soup. My dad said that the fat in the soup can...


.. take some amodium it sure worked for me,,its a must have when travelling afar

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Can you eat if you have diarrhea?

i was drunk 2 night ago and that was the first time i got drunk. so yesterday i did'nt eat much and today ive got diarrhea. i feel really sick at the moment but if i eat will i be sick? Thanks (: x


as long as you are not vomitting you can have soft diet,

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I have diarrhea,starving what can i eat?

i no u cant eat when diarrhea but im starving would i be able 2 eat biscuits like rich tea?


Toast with chicken soup

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Can't eat or brush teeth after i wake up or i get diarrhea.?

So, often i have to wake up early for work, my jobs hours are very sporadic. So, when i woke up this morning i had a half hour to Get up, Change, Eat Breakfast and Brush my Teeth. About 3 hours later, Diahreea. Now it used to happen when i was in school...


well i have a crazy sensitive tummy like yours. Ive learned to just live with it or change your diet...

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Father Stroke: Can't eat, he gets diarrhea from the boost drink is there another drink that are alternative?

other then boost or carnation?? my dad was in the hospital due to stoke. he can't eat. so there's a tube to supply food from his nose to his stomache.. the doctors recommended boost or carnation but neither of those helps his stomache. they give him...


ensure? they make some for diabetics also, you could try those

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Can my pet Swordfish eat my diarrhea?

? can sum1 tell me if u my pet swordfish can eat my diarrhea?


First of all this is getting old. I've been reading "can my pet ________________ eat..." or...

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I can't eat and I have horrible nausea & diarrhea. What's wrong?

I'm 15 years old. For the past couple weeks, I've been feeling horrible. I've been very sick all year (with mono, the flu, and other common illnesses) but I haven't felt like this before. I have very bad diarrhea and I constantly have cramps in my lower...


Hi.Well,all I can really say is it could be a combination of both. You should wait until you see your...

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I am taking glucophage (250) mg. what can i eat to lessen the diarrhea i get from this med?

This is the 3rd time that a dr. prescribed to me, every time, i take it i get diarrhea with. i am taking ) 250 mg. after i have eaten. Is there a something i can eat, that will help with it? lessen i mean?


There are many different meds for diabetes, I suggest you see a doctor and explain what is going on...

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