How long does it take for a mp3 player to arrive from hong-kong?

Let’s learn how long does it take for a mp3 player to arrive from hong-kong. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I bought my MP3 from Hong Kong and it took 30 days to get to Atlanta Georgia, this is where I live.

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.."departure scan"?

so, i ordered a Creative mp3 player from when i go to track the package, it says that today (august 4th) it says 'philadelphia' for location, and 'department scan' for event. i live right near philly, so when should the package arrive??...


Departure scan means they scanned the package at the place it left. So if it went from another city...

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Car cd player has a MP3 plug-in, will it take any MP3 player???

My cd player in my car has a plug-in for an MP3 player....does it have to be ipod, or any??? I know nothing about using an external player... What kind of cord do you need? Any info would be helpful... THANKS!!!


What kind of plug-in does it have? Is it the same as the "AUX" plug-in jack on the right side...

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8GB Mp3 Player That Can Take A Beating?

I want at least an 8GB MP3 player that can take a beating. I had an iPod nano 5th gen 16GB before, but when one of my friends knocked it out of my hand, the screen broke, and then I lost it 2 weeks later, and it's been 2 months, and I still don't have...

Answer:… you can read this article, of 8gb mpr player

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Will my mp3 player arrive today or Monday?

Last Friday (the 10th) I ordered a mp3 player from the UK and the seller told me it should be delivered within 5 business days to the US. Does that mean it will be here today (Saturday 18th) or Monday? When I asked him about the estimated date his response...


yes Monday

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Will Circuit City take back this mp3 player in an opened box?

I bought an mp3 player at circuit city and tried it out and I hate it-but I opened the box of course to try it out so will they refuse my returning it, cause the package is ripped? Also, I'm gonna lie and say I didn't use it-I'm just gonna say that it...


It is doubtful. Circuit City is not consumer friendly and that is why they are going bankrupt. I tried...

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Looking for a good mp3 player that can take realplayer videos+music.?

Just as stated. I am trying to find a good-cheap mp3 player that i can put my real player videos+music on. I tried to buy an ipod nano online from but it never came and i am still waiting for my refund. I would greatly appreciate if someone...


I just got the Sony MP3 Player 4gb and I love it. Haven't played vids on it but it isn't controlled...

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How Do You Take Songs Off An Mp3 Player Using Windows Media??

Im Trying To Take Songs Off My Sansa e260R But It Will Only Let Me Put Songs On My Mp3 Player I appreciate All of your answers


when you plug i your mp3 and the sync comes up go on it and right click onthe song and then press delete...

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How long should it take for an order from Hongkong to arrive in FL? Credit card charged 27 days ago, item shipped 10/28

I ordered the E-cigarettes from back on Oct. 20. Seems like a loooong time for the order to arrive. Is this normal or have I been 'scammed'? They keep saying, "Be patient", it's on it's way...hmmmmmm...I wonder


Well, if it's on the proverbial slow boat from China, it could take 30-45 days. It's one of the drawbacks...

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How to decrease the size of a song so that my mp3 player will take more songs?

my mp3player is a sony with i gega memory the one i managed to afford i heard that u can do something if u trying to put it on the mp3 player of the samsung phones can the same be done in my situation and really wat was coz i cannot remember


Every audio file format (mp3, wma, etc.)has bit rates. This is defined as how much physical space one...

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