How long will it take for my birth certificate to arrive?

Let’s learn how long will it take for my birth certificate to arrive. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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General Registry Office: will be able to tell you everything you...

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Has anyone ever physically gone to St. Louis City Hall to replace a birth certificate, how long did it take?

I'm in need of a replacement birth certificate fast, when I go to St. Louis City Hall Department of Vital Records, how long it will take to get one replaced? Has anyone ever taken this route to replace their birth certificate? I read that in VA you can...


It takes about 15 minutes tops and you have your certified copy. St. Louis county will also provide...

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I need to take off birth father's name off birth certificate..?

I need to take off my ex's name off my child's birth certificate...Husband want to legally adopt. *** Details: I got pregnant at 17... my boyfriend (child's father) broke it off with me when I was 5 mths pregnant with a little girl and when the baby...


A birth certificate is a legal document of a child's birth - if your ex is the child's father, you can...

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Going to Disneyland for my birthday, but I can't take my real birth certificate and I'm under 18? HELP D:?

alright, i signed up to go to disneyland tomorrow for my birthday, and I'm under 18 so I dont have an ID with my birthday on it, and the email i got says "Proper valid identification would be a driver's license including a photo, state or government...


Sheesh. Listen, people. Don't answer if you don't know. Stop blowing smoke out your **** like you know...

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Can mom take child out of country if fathers name isn't on birth certificate?

My brother was there when his daughter was born, but on her birth certificate, under father, it says ***none named***. His ex gf wants to take his daughter to mexico with some friends, and he doesn't want his daughter to go (hence, teenage friends and...


If he admits to paternity everything changes, however, if there is no father understood by the state...

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Will the DMV take a Certificate of Birth?

I do not have a birth certificate and that's what they say I need. But I do have a Certificate of Birth, which is kinda like my Birth certificate but it has a lot less information. I am trying to get a CAL ID.


You need a birth certificate or passport. Check their website below.

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Father not on birth certificate, takes drugs, is unfit, threatening to take me to court for PR...HELP :(?

My son is 8months old, his father takes drugs, drinks and has a daughter from a previous relationship that he never looks after, just sends her off with his family and doesn't bother seeing her, he has never paid for my son or his daughter. We split...


He doesn't have a chance in hell. There's no need for you to worry. There is so much evidence agaisnt...

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If my brother puts his name on a child's birth certificate and the baby isn't his can he later on take it off?

K first off the baby is 100% not his, but any ways k my brother has been with his girl friend for about 5 months now, and she is having her baby in march of 2009, and he wants to put his name on the birth certificate and so i was wondering for the future...


No he cant just take it off. He is legally stating he is the father whether it is by blood or not it...

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How long will it take to get a birth certificate in Texas?

how long will it take to get a birth certificate in Texas? it's been about almost two months and we havent received my son's birth certificate.


I think many online agencies are providing their services related birth certificate in a very easy and...

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If you don't have your birth certificate when going to take the permit test, what else could you bring instead?

I don't have/know where my birth certificate is, but I know where my SSC (Social Security Card) is, and I have a bill that I could bring as proof of address, what should I do when I don't have my birth certificate to take the permit written part of the...


A close family member (parent, sibiling) who has a driver's license or ID card or passport will have...

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