How long does it take to do a research on a particular animal's behaviour?

Let’s learn how long does it take to do a research on a particular animal's behaviour. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Studying animal behaviour | Nuffield Foundation

Ethology begins with observation of animals engaged in behaviour, ... follow in studying animal behaviour, ... discussion can take as long a time as ...

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Research Methods and Evaluation...?

I need some assistance with this,please, if you can. Below is a research study and, if you can and don't mind, I would like to know what you think in regards to the following; -Which Research methods to use to collect data? -Who from? -Why? I have some...


I hate social workers and the government! Social workers are mind police.

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Is it irresponsible and in effect cruel to purchase baby animals?

Since I was a child I have always had pets, and up until I got my own we would always get young animals. I understand the reasons of why people choose younger animals over older animals. But only recently have I thought about how cruel it actually is...


You pose a good argument there. Sadly many people want young pets because they look cute, a puppy can...

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Popular animals to start of a reptilian/amphibian online store?

Ok, here is the situation. I have 2 passions, one being paleontology, which if i want to make a decent living with, will require many years of college. Also, I love working with reptiles and amphibians. I'm definitely going to go to college for a bachelors...


Well u got alot of experience. you can defiantly breed many reptiles. som good ones to start of with...

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Would you please answer the following questions, its for a research paper?

1. Do you have a pet? 2. Have you heard of animal cruelty? 3. Do you think animals have rights? 4. Do you think experimenting on animals is animal cruelty? 5. Do you think that animal testing should be allowed? 6. Do you believe we benefit from using...


1. Yes, many, many delicious pets 2. Animals can often be cruel 3. The right to be tasty 4. Just as...

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How can I make a life and a career out of helping animals, and how can, if at all, my degree be a part of it?

How can I help animals? I would like to spend my life really helping animals and making as much of a difference as I possibly can. I take in a lot of strays and rehabilitate them when needed, but I want to do more. I want my career to be in helping all...


One thing that could help you narrow down your decisions could be to define, for yourself, exactly what...

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Who's fault is it that animals shelters are full?

I think that animal shelters are full because of humans irresponsiblity. People abuse animals who then in turn have behavioral issues. Others starve and neglect animals, sometimes to death. Selfishness is a big part of overpopulation in animal shelters...


I have been writing educational children's books for the ASPCA. I asked, at the local shelter, what...

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We need your help! The company that makes Nestea conducts deadly tea experiments that involve poisoning, electrically shocking, surgically mutilating, and decapitating animals. The company has caused animals to suffer simply to investigate the possible...


Nice question.

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Why do you think stereotypical behaviour occurs in animals?

I am doing a survey to find out about stereotypical behaviour in captive animals and why it occurs and what people think about it, i would appreciate if you could take the time to answer my question and help me with my project, Thank you


GENETICS!!!!!!!! duh Herbivore WILL eat plants. Fish WILL swim. Dogs WILL bark.

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If you could no longer take care of your small animal, would you give it to this place?

I am starting up an animal rescue in a couple of months, after I thought about this idea months ago. I am going to start up an animal rescue that rescues small pets like Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Gerbils, Hamsters, Birds, and Rats from owners that can no...


Well for starters, make sure when they hand in the pet, you have a cabinet for all the files. And when...

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