Is child crying going to a NEW school ok? how long does it take to stop crying after starting a new school?

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Is child crying going to a NEW school is ok? how long does it take to stop crying after starting a new school?

when he used to be in another school earlier? Or is it a sign that the school is no good for him? it's been only 2 weeks since we started, and he cries every day (in the old daycare he didn't cry, but he's been going to the old daycare for a few years already) , but could it be just because he's adjusting to the new environment, and its just taking time? ) Is this a sign there is something wrong? age is 4.


I think that its normal...he's just trying to adjust. I remember when I was a kid...I cried when I was...

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What do i do about my child father?

ok so here where im going to start, Ive been going out with my child father for 2 years, Ive just given birth to his child this past dec. around that time i started state cash asst. after coming out of school and not knowing i was prego until the last...


Work on the relationship and talk heart to heart. You and Dad both might want to follow the links below...

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Child protective services were called by the school therapist?

An 8 year old child tells her mother that she has a lot on her mind and feels like she needs to talk to someone about it. The mother asks the teacher to send her to the school therapist.... Later that day after talking to the school therapist Child Protection...


You should do as you suggested, you could even send the video to Ofsted (if you live in the UK). Its...

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Was I molested as a child.... or am I to blame...?

When I was around 5 or 6 my brother would make me come down from my bed at night and go to his and kiss him. He was around 8 years old. He would only make me do this at night when our parents were asleep. I'm feeling so horrible and guilty and I've been...


You have nothing to feel guilty about. Someone coercing you, a child, to do something you didn't want...

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How is this book i am writing? Plz tell me!?

im writing this book is it good? Chapter 1- I acted like I didn’t know the strange and unusual man, but I did. I had known him from my dreams, my nightmares, but not real life. I had been searching for him for 3 decades, and now I have found him...


I read a good portion of this, but not all. It seems to me that you are writing about some things you...

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4yrs doesn't want to go school pls help me?

My only 4yrs5months daughter doesn't want to go school.she started going to "parents participating school" when she was 3yrs6months that's only for 3months...we were out of county for round 5months...In this time i was preparing her this time...


She stays home because you allow her to stay home you shoudl tell her to go to school and don't change...

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I'm 24, & people treat me like a baby. Why am I not allowed to live life normally, like everyone else?

Please, please! I really need help. I'm sorry this is so long, but I need helpful advice. Right now, I'm about to cry, I feel nauseated, stomach tightening, about to gag, having the start of a panic attack, feeling like my life is ruined. Why can't I...


You don't sound very mentally ill to me. You're a good typer and speller, and have a BA. There is NO...

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Major problems with my daughter and her school.?

First of all, read this question and you will understand what I'm asking.;_ylt=Atib_kG4aV9W4yQmmpUvl6Xsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090422115651AA8bFwe Okay, I talked to the director of her program in that school she is currently...


I've NEVER heard of needing a school's psychologist approval for homeschooling. Is it due to the Aspergers...

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Really scared friend help please!! crying alot..?

I am in the seventh grade and so this girl has (lets call her sarah) been mean to me before. In fact i just wrote down all the mean things she has done ( i may have even forgot some) and it came out to 12 pages!! lets call her sarah. If you have seen...


It was right of you to go to the princapal. If you didn't it could get real ugly. Now don't feel bad...

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I'm emotional right now, I can't stop crying. I been crying for an hr now?

I'm a 15 yr old girl. I can't stop crying. I cry out of the blue. This time it seems too long. When I cry, I think all bad things about myself and my past that was very traumatizing. I can't talk to my mom about me crying. I can't talk to anyone. This...


The more you write, and the more you think about it, the longer you are going to cry. Stop thinking...

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