How long does it take to get a degree for medical billing?

Let’s learn how long does it take to get a degree for medical billing. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How long does it take to get a degree in medical coding and billing? Do you make good money?

I am currently teaching and I am getting very burned out. I used to work at a hospital and I worked alongside some ladies that did billing and coding, so I am just curious if I need more


You'll need an associates. I work in a hospital and coding and billing is intense with LOTS of regulations...

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How long does it actually take to get your medical coding and billing degree if you get it on the internet?

There are programs claiming you can get your degree for medical coding and billing in as little as four months.Can this actually be true.

Answer: I think its more like 6-9 months depending on your state and if you will work for...

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Education and training. Employers prefer to hire transcriptionists who have completed postsecondary...

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Most degree programs at the University of Phoenix are 2 year or 4 years.

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Generally two years but if you do it online you can move at your own pace.

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How long can I expect it to take to get a doctoral degree in Cognitive Neuroscience ?

I already have a bachelor of science degree for psychology. I'm also currently signed up for an educational masters degree program that starts in the fall of '12. While I get my educ psych masters degree I also plan to take classes that will enable me...


I myself am trying to decide whether I want to be a Neuroscientist or a Neurologist. Hopefully you know...

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Should I take a job or get a free masters degree?

I'm graduating this semester with a license to teach secondary history. Help me decide whether to take a one-year teaching job or a fully-funded MA in history. I want to ultimately teach high school, but full tuition + a monthly stipend seems too good...


I would definitely go with the funded MA program. That is a great opportunity, and you can leverage...

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How long does it take to get a associates degree and bachelor degree?

i will be going to graduate soon and i am thinking going to community college and getting an associates degree then transfer to 4 year college and get a bachelor degree but i don't know how long this would take so if some one can give me an idea i heard...


Normally it takes 2 for aa or as degree and 4 years for ba or bs. But it all depends on if you take...

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Where can I take/ get into PT school pre-req classes after I have my bachelor's degree?

I want to attend Physical Therapy school next year but I still have 5 science classes that I need. (Physics 1 &2, 2nd semester chem, 2nd semester biology, and physiology). Now that I am getting my bachelor's degree next month, I have no priority...


I am a PT. I would definately recommend cc. It will take you a year to take the courses. You just might...

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If I get a bachelor's degree in one thing, would it take even longer to get a master's in something else?

What I mean is would it take less time to get a masters if it was in the same thing (or closer related) to what I get a bachelors degree in? I want to get a bachelors degree in music first. Then I either want to get a bachelors or masters in theatre...


In order to be admitted to a Master's programme in a particular subject, you must already command that...

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