How long does it take to get a working Visa to England?

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UK immigration guide for Employers - How long will it take?

How long will it take to get an employee into the UK with a UK Work Permit? Currently it is taking about three to four weeks for a work ... breach of their visa ...

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How do I get a two week tourist visa or a visit Visa for UK?

I'm in Canada. I came as an immigrant. I have lived here for over four years now. I already have my Permanent Resident Card, my SIN card, my Driver's License and Health Card. My family is in the process of applying for the Canadian Citizenship so it...


There is probably a British High Commission in your Capital city. If you only want a visitors visa you...

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Working visa Australia?

Can i get a one-2year working visa for Ozzy and try to get a hairdressing job and study to become a hairdresser? like an apprenticeship? perhaps when my Visa runs out i can apply for another year of stay? I plan to emigrate their but have no qualifications...


Where are you from?

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How long can it take to get a working holiday visa to Canada?

I'll be 18 in December and I want to apply for a visa for a working holiday in Canada. I have had no trouble with the police and am an Irish citizen. I'm thinking of going to Calgary if that makes any difference. What is the longest length of time it...


This Canadian Government site is specifically for Irish citizens interested in working holidays in Canada...

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How do I get a Chinese Visa in England?.. & how long does it take?

I'm going to Hong Kong in about 3 & half weeks, & will be visiting China while I'm there. Last time I got a visa in Hong Kong, it took about a week, but this time I wont have time to do that. How do I get a Chinese Visa in England?.. Manchester...


There is no need to make use of another commercial visa agency and pay £100 for a single entry...

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How to get a Working visa in England?

I want to travel across europe for 3 months (since i know thats the maximum number of days allowed without a visa since im a US citizen) But I want to stay near Europe and thought of applying for a UK working visa, how would i go about doing this?


No three month working visas. You'll need at least a degree and/or skills in a job on the skills shortage...

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Can I take my wife with me if I get a Working Holiday Visa to Australia?

Im from UK and just married to a Filipina. Were planning to go to Australia and I want to apply a working holiday visa as I'm qualified as UK citizen and 28years old but I want to know if I could take my wife with me as well. Or she also have to apply...


Working Holiday visas are granted to individuals who are eligible for them. Your wife is not from an...

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Is it hard to get a working visa to be a Respiratory Therapist in England?

I'm getting my Bachelors degree soon, and I'm planning to move to London in about 5 years after I have some experience as an RRT here in the US. Are RRTs in demand in England? Would I be able to get a visa without a ton of effort?


It is highly doubtful that that occupation would enable you to obtain a work visa for the have...

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How long does it take to get a holiday visa to Australia (not a working visa)?

I am planing a trip to Australia and I'm having trouble finding out how long it takes for me to receive my visa from application. I'm not going over there to work its purely a holiday for 3 weeks. I live in the uk.


If your passport country qualifies you for an ETA, they are often issued immediately, but always within...

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