How long will it take to deliver my laptop?

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How long does it take alienware to deliver a laptop?

I just ordered an Alienware m14x. Everything was standard nothing really extra except the nameplate. It says it will be here on 5/30. I used the standard shipping plan of 7 days. I ordered on 4/26. Can anyone tell me how soon it might actually come in or is their estimated guess accurate?


There estimated delivery is pretty accurate. Mine actually turned up a week late but dell did ring me...

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How long does it take Dell to deliver my laptop?

my order that i brought a few weeks ago has finally been shipped so my question is how long will it take to deliver my laptop. also it said that it would be delivered within 4 working days but im not sure about it.


Open… and enter your order or customer number

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Does a Dell Laptop usually take long to deliver?

Just ordered a Dell Inspiron 17R 2nd Gen from their website and it said it'd deliver on 11/4/2011, which is quite a long time in my opinion. Another thing that confused me: Does deliver mean "sent" or is it supposed to be when it arrives to...


Should arrive on nov 4.

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It will usually take Apple about 2-5 to deliver a laptop computer with standard shipping rates.

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It usually takes Apple about 2-5 weeks to deliver a laptop computer using their standard shipping rates...

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How Long Does It Take UPS To Deliver From CT To ME?

On Thursday, my dad bought a laptop for me in CT and sent it out on Thur. night. He said that UPS dose'nt deliver on Sat. and Sun. in my area, how long will it take. (i think it may be here on mon., but not really sure.)


most likely its already in your city they just need to send it and it should be at your house between...

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Advice re. computer repair shop/faulty laptop?

I apologise in advance as this may be a long story. On 13th October, I took my laptop to a computer repair shop advertising "no fix, no fee" as I was having problems getting the laptop to boot. They were supposed to provide me with a free estimate...


I'm more concerned that someone knocked on your door. Did this man mention that he was calling from...

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I worked for a Chrysler dealer in Milwaukee WI, and it would take about two weeks to get a car once...

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Can i take my heavy laptop with me on board with QANTAS ? brisbane domestic?

Im taking a very large and ehavy laptop with me to brisbane domestic airport... heading to melbourne. The actual laptop and the bag all together seems to waight aprox 8 kilos and a half. The laptop is 18.4sizes and the laptop shoulder bag is about 1...


yes definitely along as it's not over 7kg, and is around the same or smaller size then a backpack.

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Can my dad take my laptop and violin if i leave to live with my mom?

So my dad bough me a laptop and violin for christmas. He has been very mean, no need for details, and i want to live with my mom for a while. He says that if i leave he will take my laptop and violin. He also says that if i take my laptop and violin...


He bought it, it is his "property." Technically, he can do something. If you take it, it will...

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