How long will it take to process a student loan?

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How long does it take to process a student loan?

I was offered a loan on my financial aid package, i did master promisory and entrance counseling on the 16th , when can i expect it to be processed?


It depends on the school. Once your MPN and entrance counseling are completed, your school has the ability...

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"Student loan certification in process"...How long does this take?

I applied for a stafford loan on September 3, and I checked my loan status today, and it said "application complete- certification in process" How long does certification take. I started school around the end of August. I received pell grant...


CG: Certification of a Stafford is a very simple process - the lender contacts your school and verifies...

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How long does a student loan application generally take to process?

I have to pay by the 17th my bill and I'm applying to 8 different loan places today online to see where I can get the best deal. Will they probably be done in time? I had a slight panic attack earlier worrying that they wouldn't.


I feel ya I have to pay mine by the 26, and i have horrible panick attacks and never sleep and sometimes...

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How long does it take for a student loan to get deferred?

I'm back in school full time now and my hours at my job had to be cut down because of it. My student loan payment is too much for me to handle along with phone,car,house etc. I asked for deferment in Aug. Around the middle of the month. How long will...


Usually you do not have to request a deferment - it goes through a clearinghouse process. If your school...

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Victim of Student Loan Fraud?

Hello everyone, I’m in need of some serious advice. This might be long, but I’m in desperate need of some help. May ’10 I started a local 2-year culinary school (Southeast Culinary & Hospitality) in Bristol, VA. I was in the process...


Your best bet would be to hire a lawyer or at least go to a consultation appointment and see if you...

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When do you receive the student loan, through direct gov? (uk)?

I have applied through direct gov student finance for a student loan and also a maintenace grant. I have sent of the information they required, eg parents income etc. But it is still saying when i log in that they are waiting for the information they...


After you apply online, they post you a declaration form which you have sign and send back. I applied...

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How do I get a subsidized student loan?

I think I may want to take out a student loan. I'm in my third year of school and finances are becoming a bit of a problem. How does this process work and how long will it take? more


Your F.A. department at your school and tell them you want to take out a student loan. If your school...

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Boarding school student loan: how do I get one / who can I get one from?

I am an 11th grade student looking to transfer from my public highschool to a boarding school I have just been accepted into. I will be going for two years. The problem is that I have been put on the waitlist for financial aid, and the yearly tuition...


The only loans you could get for boarding school would be based on your parents' credit (whether from...

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Student loan question!?

i would appreciate it greatly if someone could explain to me the WHOLE process of obtaining a student loan in details. starting with how you research who to get a loan from and if you recommend any company or bank. I'll be going to a community college...


Ok, that's a doozy of a question, but I'll try my best. Some loans are offered through your school,...

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