How many compression rings in marine engines normally have?

Let’s learn how many compression rings in marine engines normally have. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Most often 2 to no more than 4. Outboards tend to have more different designs but I've seen a lot of...

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How can I reduce the blue/grey smoke emissions from my Volvo Penta Marine Diesel Engines TMD41's ?

These engines run very well, plenty of compression/oil pressure, they are notorious apparently for being ' a bit smokey' and it does fade when the engines are warm. Are oil more


Try additive "No Smoke" Use only one can. If you use a bunch, it will smoke a bunch. One can...

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How long does it take for rings to seat on a rebuilt 454 marine Mercruiser engine?

I had my engines rebuilt and now when I'm running I get an excessive amount of blow by through my valve covers is this normal for a rebuild or do I have other problems


I have always had it happen in the first few hours at the most.If you have more then 10 hours you might...

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Can someone help me with this subject? "Know your car"?

True or False questions 1. You will need a manufacturer's service manual to perform most basic under-the-hood maintenance on your car. 2. During the four stroke cycle of an individual piston, the crankshaft completes two revolutions, and the camshaft...


They're all true except possibly the first. I know that I can get under the hood of any car, without...

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Automotive true or false questions?

True or False 1. One horsepower will produce 33,000 foot-pounds of work in one second. 2. Most cars have drum brakes on the front wheels, and disc brakes on the rear wheels. 3. Most cars have the same kind of suspension in the front end as they do in...


1. F, 550 ft lbs per sec. 2. F typically disk on front, drum on rear 3. F typically independent coil...

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What are key failure areas in engines pushing 10-11k rpms?

with a 4 cylinder engine with very large pistons & a 2.05:1 rod/stroke ratio-all billet machined parts, what are the key areas of failure that need addressed (pistons, piston head shape, valves, valve springs, flow, tune, compression, combustion...


the valvetrain would need to be upgraded with stiffer springs to prevent valve float (very bad) and...

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'90 Subaru EJ22 Engine, can remove piston without cracking case?

Hi I have '90 Subaru 2.2 engine in a '86 VW Vanagon. The EJ22 has a bad #1 cylinder, I think it has a bad ring or rings. [Oil squirted in cylinder raises compression briefly] I have plenty of room underneath to pull off the cylinder head, so I am considering...


Actually, removing the piston with the halves in tact is quite simple. No going through the bottom what...

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Why petrol engines have low compression ratio than diesel engines ?

why petrol engines use spark plug to ignite ?? why cant they use compression ignition as in diesel engine ??


Actually, the term "diesel" engine was supposed to answer the question itself: a diesel engine...

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1995 Rm250 with new piston and rings has low compression.?

I just picked up a 1995 Rm250 off a buddy who I know did the piston and rings and didn't even ride the bike before I bought it. The bike runs great, has tons of power, starts up within 3 kicks, doesn't smoke much but has low compression. I can't kick...


Jamie, Do a compression test with an actual compression gauge. Your feel test may be [is] inaccurate...

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Can anyone explain if there is a difference in construction between marine diesel and truck diesel engines?

It seems that the fuel type in the marine diesels is a heavier type fuel. In marine diesel engines of smaller caliber, below 400 hp, are the engines the same as in diesel trucks of the same horsepower?


They are the same basic engine, but they have been marinized for marine use. This could mean a heat...

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