How many rake tasks can be run at once in rails?

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Rails: Running more than one rake task at once? - Stack ...

... Running more than one rake task at once? ... If your commands are just rake tasks, you can use spaces to ... Create rails rake task to run RSPEC and action ...

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Why is my custom rake task in lib/tasks not discovered in Rails 3?

Build-in rake tasks work fine, but my new custom one in Project/lib/tasks/payments.rb doesn't get loaded: namespace :payments do desc "Tally payments at the end of the month" task :compute => :environment do BillingPeriod.compute_new...


It doesn't work because rake tasks are supposed to end in .rake, not .rb. So change payments.rb to payments...

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Why does Rails use rails scripts instead of Rake tasks?

Why don't you start your server or generate models and whatnot using Rake tasks?


Because rake only predates rails by a year or two? Rake might not have been a great tool for it at the...

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What is the best way to speed up rake's load time of the Rails environment?

#=>    rake environment  7.67s user 0.63s system 95% cpu 8.704 total. it's annoying that it takes a lot time when you want to run a task. eg. `rails g controller x`, `rake db:migrate`


I got mine down from 20s to 9s by putting require => false on libraries in the Gemfile that didn...

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How do I reduce my Rails console, server and tasks load time?

In my rails app i have localised all my gems in order to prevent  installation and isolate the gems to my application. The gemfile has the  path mentioned in front of every gem. Its is on rails 3.0.20 and uses  bundler. For every command we run it with...


try Spring Gem, itz awesome and reduces the load time by almost 2/3rd. It speeds up development by keeping...

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How should we scale/optimize a slow ruby on rails application?

Hi everyone, My name is Michael Solovyov and I'm the co-founder & CTO of a rails-based start-up.  We have built a product for other businesses to help their users adopt their products. We've built the application, delivered to a few customers and...


The answer from Vladimir Legkunets is basically what I would tell you to do in order to begin diagnosing...

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Project specific tasks are in lib/tasks or in the Rakefile itself.

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Does anyone need the kind of information work I do full time?

I automate a lot of tasks for my Web publishing company, but I'm not a developer. What kind of information worker am I, and does anyone need what I do specifically? I've been working as an editor for the same people for about ten years now. When I started...


You are a programmer, but your lack of systemic experience or education in it means it'll be impossible...

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How can I install the MySQL gem on Ruby 1.8.7 using RVM?

I tried to run " gem install mysql " to install the mysql adapter for ruby 1.8.7, but I get this error rake/rdoctask is deprecated.  Use rdoc/task instead (in RDoc 2.4.2+) !!! The bundled mysql.rb driver has been removed from Rails 2.2. Please...


The problem was that I didn't install the mysql-dev lib. Install it, then it will works fine.

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Help with Overscheduling, time management and taking on too much!

I am drowning in my todo list and it is making me anxious and unable to focus on the things I need to do. I am looking for help implementing a system for dealing with all the daily tasks and responsibilities currently on my list. I make lists and schedules...


Your schedule is insane. I also work from home and homeschool my twelve year old, and you're going to...

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