Is there a limit to how many members I can have in my yahoo group?

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It is unlimited, but I think you should only have as many members as you can handle in your group. And...

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Check your Group settings. Go to Management and under Group Settings go to Messages. Under posting options...

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How many of members can join with a yahoo group?

Dear, I createda a yahoo group. and I want to know, is there a limit of the numbers of members? (simply, what is the maximum number of members can a yahoo group has?) thank you


To the best of my knowledge there is no limit so good luck on building your group. Keep in mind it can...

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Is Yahoo really working on a way for members to take over an abandoned group?

I've read messages on here that are 2, 3 and more years old saying that Yahoo is working on a way for members to take over Yahoo email groups that are abandoned by their owners. It seems like it would be simple to do with these steps created by Yahoo...


Yahoo doesn't seem to care. We had a situation where the sole owner died. Yahoo Support refused to transfer...

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Can non-members of a Yahoo!Group send the group email?

I have a Yahoo!Group for a committee. We want to solicit information from our community who are not/will not be Yahoo!Group members. Is there a way for them to send us emails at the group without being members? If not, is there another way to use the...


anyone can send to the default owner address, all owners and moderators will get it and they don't have...

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Can I ask members of a Yahoo group I belong to to join my new Yahoo group?

I am in several groups at Yahoo. I started a group that will let people post links to their web work in order to get feedback on it. Is it kosher to post a message at the groups that I'm at to ask members there if they'd like to join my group? My group...


most times it's considered spamming and off topic to and you'd certainly would want to get permission...

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If I get an e-mail from a Yahoo groups, if I reply, will all the members in that Yahoo group get my reply?

I received an e-mail from someone in a yahoo group. The e-mail format was, and in that group there are 245 members. I want to reply to that letter and I would like all 245 members of that group to see my reply even though I am not...


not being a member, it would depend on that groups settings. some allow non members to post but many...

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Is there any way to require members to enter their real names in their yahoo profiles when joining a group?

i have a bunch of members who have joined my group but i suppose don't have their names in their yahoo profiles. that becomes a problem when i refer to the list to send emails to individual members (all the members in the group are members of the organization...


what I do, is offer a restricted membership based on the fact that they give me their name and location...

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What do you think of my free Pet-sitting yahoo group? How can I promote it and encourage members to use it?

It is located at:… and is described on the title page thusly: Need to get away, but no-one to look after your pet? Or maybe you like animals, but not on a full-time basis. If so, then this group could be...


I'm going to be honest, I don't think many people will go for it. Here's why: I have 3 cats, and a dog...

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How can I get the members of my yahoo group tospeak to each other?

I am the owner/moderator of a yahoo group where I approve all messages etc., My members don't seem to e-mail each other. They respond to Polls but don't talk to each other like in some other groups. They send in the odd posting but not much else. They...


Start with a rant and finish with, "What do you guys think?" Invite members to start their...

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