Is there a limit of how many times one can study abroad?

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Is there a limit to how many times one can study abroad?

I'm from the US, and I'm just about to get out of the military. I'm applying to some state schools in California, I have already earned an Associates Degree. I want to find out if I can choose a certain school, major, or area of study that will allow me the opportunity to travel as much as possible. I was looking at international study or tourism. Any suggestions? I really don't care what my major is in, or how long it takes me to get it, due to the fact that school is pretty much payed for. I just...


Usually not. It probably depends on your home university.

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Is there a limit to how many times you can study abroad?

I'm a freshman in college now, and realize it's probably a little early to be thinking about study abroad, but I want to prepare myself for it. I'm an engineering and french double major in the US and want to study abroad as much as possible during my...


Studying Abroad is one of the greatest experiences you'll ever have. So do it! There's is technically...

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How do I prove mathematically that one gets less variance if one plays the board three times instead of two times when going all-in preflop in Texas No-Limit Poker with AK against QQ?

If you are not familiar with poker there is a close to 50/50* chance for the AK (Ace and King) to win when the last card is dealt as it is for QQ (Queens,Queens) to win. So by drawing the full board (flop, turn, and river) several times both hands will...


Mathematically: Assume you're all in pre-flop with Ace-King versus Queens, which for simplification...

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Does studying law in one country limit you to practising only oner there?Which is the best place to study law?

I am in high school right now and I want to study law .I am presently in Dubai so I have to go abroad to study . If i study law in canada ,will i be able to practice in usa or vice versa.I want to know if studying in one country only limits you to practice...


If you study in Scotland you would only be able to work in England after 'converting' your degree (more...

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One month of study in Moscow or going there a few times a year?

I have a difficult choice to make: Go to Moscow for one full month to study Russian there, but have no extra holidays (+ studying during my holidays). Or going to Moscow a few more


Giraunch wrote :" russian education sucks ========== hehe!!! if you know....

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Should I take study halls or a Biology class during Freshman Year?

I just received my schedule for my Freshman Year As Follows: Period A- Honors English 9th Grade Period B- Freshman Health & Study Skills ( Required for Freshman Year) Period C- Concert Winds Period D- French II ( French I taken in 8th Grade) Period...


I recommend taking 1 study hall. When you start freshman year you want to settle in and get used to...

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Limit on the NUMBER of Debit Card transactions per day?

The cash is in the account. (Free and clear, not waiting on holds to drop or checks to clear.)The Debit MasterCard is declined.I call Customer Service.The rep tells me that the account has exceeded the daily transaction limit.It’s ...


I use USAA checking. 1) Free online banking (it's 100% online, in fact) with free billpay. 2) Free checking...

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Cassandra (database): Materialized Views or Index CF, which way is better to handle 20 single column indexes to support timeline query(s) in one table?

Howdy, Can I ask a Cassandra data model question here about time series data and timeline query? Materialized Views or Index CF, which way is better to handle 20 single column indexes in one table? We have a book table with 20 columns, 300 million rows...


Short answer - Use IndexCF. You will have to hit cassandra twice to get full object but thats a tradeoff...

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Could the Disney work-study program be biased?

I always loved Disney; I used to own every single Classic movie on DVD. Even before going to college, I wanted to be a part of the work-study program. I had a friend who was 2 years older; he had gone to Orlando on the program the previous year. I asked...


there is no reason they would have not picked you because of your appearance if you are in the Disney...

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Is it Safe to Drive the Speed Limit?

To make amens for my recent speeding violations, I decided to actually drive at or below the posted speed limit on my 50 mile route to an appointment. What happened? Exactly what I expected. In fact, I even responsibly recorded from dashboard via my...


It takes some getting used to but it is really quite safe. I made the change about 30 years ago, mostly...

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