How much are the Yugioh Egyptian god cards worth now?

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you can get all 3 with a card book holder for about 40 bux from Target. separately they will vary from...

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Im wondering, im trying to get the egyptian god cards on yugioh games but i dont know how to get them?

I would like to know if there is any way i can get the god cards Like in yugioh worldwide edition Worldchampionship games etc


You can download them if you can connect to Wi-Fi, check every week the cards available for download...

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How can you tell the difference between real and fake yugioh egyptian god cards?

You see. I have some egyptian god cards and I can't find anything wierd about them but just in case, I want to know if they are real. Can anyone tell me if they are fake or not? Oh, and if this helps, they have colored backs.


They do not have the Yugioh or Konami logo on the back, but the backs are colored (red for Slifer, blue...

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How do you beat each of the Yugioh Egyptian God Cards?

Btw I got the cards from battle pack 2. When they are summoned, you can't activate any cards. Also you can prevent your opponents for having correct tributes. But what if they more


dark hole, mirror force.lightning vortex. pretty much the only out to obelisk, hence why it currently...

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The 3 English Egyptian God Cards are Ultra Rare. They are available for $189.99.

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How much do you the yugioh 3 god cards sell for?

im hoping to get rid of my cards ( i have loads of valuable cards)


id sell em you, i have them also Watch Yugioh

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Anywhere from .50 cents to $500.

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Can you use egyptian god cards in a yugioh tournament?

the egyptian god card "the winged dragon of Ra" has yellow and black on the back side of the card. It also has no company name on the top of the back, and no yugioh symbol. It has japanize lettering on the bottom left hand corner. But it also...


You sound new to the game. O.o Odd question. No, the EGCs cannot be used in tournaments - they use Advance...

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What are the 3 egyptian god like cards of yugioh zexal?

If Yu-Gi-Oh had the egyptian god cards, GX had the sacred beasts, and 5ds had the aesir then what are yu-gi-oh zexal's equivalent to the egyptian gods


yea they haven't been introduced, and probably won't be

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Are Egyptian God cards an excuse for bad duelists? (Yugioh question)?

Ok I have a Magician Deck and its all based on strategy. Here comes my friend with his God cards thinking hes a class A rank duelist when he has God cards. When he doesn't have more


The god cards suck. He probably doesn't even have the playable ones. Have either of you guys ever heard...

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