How much do a set of golf clubs weigh?

Let’s learn how much do a set of golf clubs weigh. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Around 8 pounds, it depends on the clubs and the shafts you have.

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32,5 lbs on average.

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It depends, A leather bag with a bunch of balls and extra clubs could weigh 60 pounds, minimun weight...

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Golf clubs, first set, which set is better?

I'm looking to purchase a set of used golf clubs for my son. He will be 21 next week so I would like to get him a set of irons for around $100; just something he can use to learn the game. He has hit my clubs a couple times at the driving range, but...


Probably the Big Bertha's, most likely to go down as the best and most forgiving game improvement irons...

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Which set of golf clubs is a better way to go?

i am starting to get a lot better at golf starting to have lower rounds, but i have a terrible set of golf clubs and I was wondering should i buy a set of $100 complete set of generic golf clubs or should I buy top of the line clubs but it would not...


It not the clubs, it's the player. Pick the $100 clubs because you can still learn the touch of every...

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Why are there so many cost variations in golf clubs sets? Is a $1000 set really any better than a $200 set?

I am thinking of purchasing my wife a set of golf clubs for her birthday. I see so many variations of golf clubs sets in terms of pricing. She is not looking to become a golf pro but more


good advice to look at here. you get what you pay for is true in alot of areas. i just dont think golf...

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I wanna buy choose a set of discount golf clubs for my college course?

I'm a freshman , in my courses , I choose the golf , I need a set of clubs for my course , but I have no much money , so I wanna buy discount golf clubs , where can buy the discount golf clubs , thanks !


I like to buy online shop , in the shop , the goods is cheap and good , you can review www.discountgolfwholesale...

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How much would a full set of golf clubs cost???

1) how much for... one full set of golf clubs? one dozen golf clubs? (in san diego) --------------------------------------… 2) what are some good golf coarses in san diego? 2b) how much would it cost to play there? ( one round w/o a golf cart...


I'm not from around San Diego, so I can't answer your second question. A set of golf clubs can range...

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I am just starting to golf, I want to get my own set of clubs any suggestions? Plus a few questions. ?

So this question has been asked a lot, I know. BUT, I am a 16 year old girl just starting to get into this. I like it a lot. I have a few questions: 1. Should I get male or female clubs? I heard male clubs are stronger. 2. Am I too old to get started...


1. most female clubs (with some exceptions) are male clubheads with a more flexible shaft. Depending...

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What is a good price to pay for a used set of golf clubs?

well started working at a golf course a few weeks ago but don't golf and all of my co-workers do . our golf instructor offer to sell me a set of used clubs but not sure they were a good deal at the price he offered , what would a good set of used clubs...


all depends on the brand, tipe and set of clubs. Usualy, irons come from 3 to Pitching wedge sets. You...

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