How much does a decent apartment cost in Hyderabad?

Let’s learn how much does a decent apartment cost in Hyderabad. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Cost of Living in Hyderabad - Numbeo

Cost of living in Hyderabad is 76.30% lower ... Buy Apartment Price ... a nice place till now. and the cost of living is very good. after ur office hours will ...

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Manish, I thought we were going to discuss where we're going BEFORE you move to Singapore? (Sorry, couldn...

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Ive got walls (Brick) done in my office very recently, and paid 32 RS psf (4Inch wall) and double the...

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Cost of Apartments in Hyderabad?

how much would a 3 Bedroom modernr apartment in Himayat nagar, Hyderabad, India cost?


3 Bedroom Flats Available for sale in Hyderabad Location : Andhra Pradesh » Hyderabad Posted on...

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New Water connection cost from Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board(HMWSSB)?

Does anyone new what is cost for new water connection Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) for "an apartment". How the cost is arrived for new water connection for an apartment. What I heard it depends on the number...


At least 20,000 for the paper work

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Cost of living in India?

I am a software professional with over 12 years of experience. I am planning to relocate to India (Chennai, Hyderabad or Bangalore). I am looking for an estimate of monthly cost of living in India to lead a life similar to the US (secure apartment with...


According to your luxury needs The price should be between 3 to 4 lakhs per month.

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Where will be less amount for building an apartment and flats in hyderabad or warangal from ramky estates ?

yderabad, Cyberabad, realestate, architects, builders, housing loans, interiors, realtors, building material,engineers, vasthu, vastu,classifieds, plots, resorts, commercial space for rent, commercial space for lease, rent, lease, builders in hyderabad...


Again another advertisement ??

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What accounts for the difference in the cost of developing an apartment complex in 2 different areas?

For example, in Alexandria, VA a 2-bedroom rents for $1,500/month + utilities.  45 minutes away in Triangle, VA a 2-bedroom rents for $750/month + utilities. Let's reasonably assume that the unit is identical.  The level of service provided to the tenant...


Although scarcity is a factor in marginal pricing, it is also what the average person is willing to...

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What is the cost of the ticket from hyderabad to chicago and back?

we myself and my husband aged 55 would like to visit us.we want to start from hyderabad on1st june to chicago and would like to go from there to california on `1 st august and wants to come back to chicago on 13 th august from chicago to hyderabad on...


After going to the Air India website I found 2 available flights but encountered the following: Due...

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What would utilities cost for an apartment in Los Angeles?

I am planning to move out on my own and I'm trying to get my budget figured out.I am either moving into a studio apartment or a two bedroom apartment with a roommate. I don't know if it matters what specific area I'm in or not, but I'm in the San Fernando...


Most apartments in the SF Valley only have electricity. If you're fortunate enough to find a place with...

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