How much does a driving permission cost in California?

Let’s learn how much does a driving permission cost in California. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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it's up to $27 or higher....

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How much higher gas cost would driving with a 100 pound anvil from Alabama to California cost?

I may be adding a 100 pound anvil to my belongings which I am driving from Alabama back to California with? But given the high added weight of the anvil, I am wondering how much more in gas I would end up paying if I drive back with it that far. Does...


Almost no difference at all. I drive from southern CA to WA several times a year in my 95 F250 diesel...

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How much would it cost to move to California from Ohio while driving?

So I am moving to California in 2013. And I am driving across the country.No moving vehicles either since I will be 18 and I will not have any furniture to move. About how much money would I need for gas?. I know gas prices can change a lot by then.


Please stay in Ohio. There is NOTHING for an 18 year old in California. Actually living here is NOT...

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I just got a misdemeanor for driving without a license, does anyone know the cost of the fine? [California]?

I was with my boyfriend like an hour ago, and so i asked him if i could drive, i dont have a license or a permit, we got pulled over and i have to go to court for it and pay a fine..does anyone know the cost? or what i should expect..? also i told him...


If the officer put in his statement that you told him you have a FL permit & you lied, then you...

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I'm want to build a golf driving range I need about 12 acres I live in California what is the cost per acre?

Im considering finding a location thats about 12 acres and would be in a medium populated area. What would be the average cost of an acre in northern ca just some estimate? 100 yards per acre so 12 would be plenty for parking clubhouse and a 40 bay driving...


skip on the club house by building near a pub/bar. Just the Pro shop then. Have lights for night time...

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How much does it cost for a 2nd violation for talking on cell phone while driving in California?

The first one cost me $20 plus fees = $140. How much will it cost me this time?


Hopefully at least $1,000, loss of license and 500 hours of community service. What will it take before...

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How rich do you have to be to live in California?

California is where famous celebrities live and where they film most movies and TV shows. I wish that I lived in California so that I could hang out with the famous people there. A lot of people say California isn't rich but I don't believe that because...


So, are you 15 or are you 20? Make up your mind! Really? I hang out with famous people?? Although, my...

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Driving Laws In California?

I'm going to be moving back to California soon, I'm 16 turning 17 in Mid-April and I started driving in Kansas so I'm not 100% informed about the CA driving laws. I called the dmv a while ago and asked what kind of insurance i need to have and they told...


SR-22. Any insurance broker can write up a policy for you. I used to live in Orange County and I was...

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California speeding ticket and seat belt ticket in one week how much will this cost?

I have a Commercial drivers licence ive never had a ticket in my life im 27 years old on wed i was in my car driving home from work just following the other cars in the left lane cruising in california i-15 left lane in Rancho Cucamonga when i saw a...


commercial vehicle? 12 MPH over is a mandatory suspension. the seat belt is not as bad. just pay the...

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How much would a trip to California and New York cost?

This Christmas, my friends and I want to go on a trip to California and New York. There are 6 of us, ages 15, 16, 18, 19, and 21. We live in Arizona, and we are planning on driving to Anaheim, California and staying there for 2 days and 3 nights, and...


Ehhh, I'd say 250 pesos. If you're lucky, 225.

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