How much does forever 21 shipping cost?

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What does shipping cost for Forever 21

I don't want to spend 75 bucks for the free shipping and I can't seem to find a shipping graph or whatever so if I wanted to spend under $25 or $30 (sorry I'm not exactly sure so if you could give me the price for both that would be great). I will give a best answer!


It will depend on what you buy and the size and weight of the package. Count on an extra $10 for sure...

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It's FREE if you spend $75 or more!

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How much is shipping from Toronto ON to Peterborough ON?

There is a dress I want to buy from forever 21 that costs $27.80 (if that makes a difference... Idk anything about shipping and stuff) so how much would it cost to do this?


The Forever 21 website would give you info about shipping.

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Shipping Prices Help?

Ok. Basically, I want to buy a cd and poster set from a website. (Two Units) For them both it costs $21.99 and the shipping is to the UK which is Zone 4. There is no special handling charge to my knowledge. This is the equation they use for shipping...


Heya, The above answer is correct. Remember that you also have to pay tax on the shipping, i'm not sure...

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Seller lied about shipping cost on ebay, what to do?

Hello. I won an item off ebay for 25.99 and the shipping cost was 25.51. I paid the seller using paypal. Today I got a letter from the post office saying that I need to pick up the item and that I need to pay 64.21 for shipping. The seller LIED about...


Contact EBAY support ASAP that could be fraudulent but you should take it up with support first they...

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Cost Accounting HW. NEED HELP 3?

3. Springtime Paints makes quality paint in one production department. Production begins with the blending of various chemicals, which are added at the beginning of the process, and ends with the canning of the paint. Canning occurs when the mixture...



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Good online shops shipping within Europe?

Looking for personal recommendations for Europe-based online shopping sites that ship to different European countries; especially, at the moment, looking for a place that sells cosmetics from different distributors. If you've had good experiences shopping...


For cosmetics, perfumes, etc., Strawberrynet can be good - although they don't seem to have the lippy...

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Duty Taxes in Canada??? $21 on a $35 item?

bought something from the UK for $35.31 (incl. shipping) canadian, I just got notice from Canada Post that its here and I owe $21.57 in taxes. How is that possible on something that only $35.31?! I've bought items from overseas way more expensive than...


the gentleman above is correct. the fees are just sick. you have the number of the item. contact canada...

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E-commerce hosting on Vistaprint: why does the Vistaprint shopping cart require product weights when PayPal calculates the shipping cost based on price ranges?

I have recently revamped a website hosted on Vistaprint and installed ecommerce functionality. Vistaprint's website editor does not offer access to the html - only a WYSIWYG interface. E-commerce functionality is a shopping cart based on PayPal Website...


OK, since there is no answers and this is a while ago I'll answer it myself... Why: don't know. But...

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Should I charge for cost of shipping supplies?

I just recently sold one of my larger paintings. I have shipped some of my smaller paintings before with flatrate boxes and the rate I charged covered everything nicely, the cost of the shipping + supplies. My friend ordered the painting and considering...


If you truly value your art you gotta make sure ur making money off your paintings Let him pay for the...

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