How much is a VCR/DVD combination player?

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DVD Player & VCR Combos - Best Buy

Shop Best Buy for a great selection of DVD/VHS combo players. Skip to content. Expert Service. Unbeatable Price ... Shop DVD/VCR Combos. TV & Home Theater Services; ...

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How do u transfer vcr tapes on to dvd player with a dvd recorder/or vcrdvd combo?

i have a dvd recorder that i can transfer vcr tapes to my dvd player, how do i do that?


All you have to do is VCR outputs (composite/Yellow and audio/red & white jacks) to the corresponding...

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Is there a combination DVD Recorder/Player?

Is there a combination DVD Recorder/Player available in store? I would like to record some TV shows. I'm aware that not too long ago there was a VCR recorder/player which I was able to use. But my unit is no longer function. So I would like to switch...


Any dvd recorder will play dvd discs. Make sure you check which ones before you buy. Most are written...

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How do we get this combination to work properly..TV/freeview/dvd player.?

In our kids bedrooms they each have a single scart 14" colour tv with a dvd player,and we just bought them a twin scart freeview,this is what i know(i am so rubbish at more


try this page on this site.

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I am looking for a combination VHS Tape Player/DVD Recorder?

I have seen a few around for sale, but, I have both Canadian and British Video Tapes, which I would like to archive to DVD. I am looking for a combo VHS Player which records direct more


They might have some on ebay.

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Opening video files as streaming URLs in Firefox/Zoom Player

I want to set up Firefox and Zoom Player (or any other good media player) so that when I click on a .mpg or .wmv link, it starts streaming in my media player. I don't want it to download first. When using IE and Windows Media Player (under Windows XP...


my first thought was: tools > options > downloads and view the actions of your media files you...

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Looking for a waterproof shower *tape player*

I'm in the market for a waterproof *tape player* that I can put in my shower. The Sharper Image and sevearl other companies offer shower *CD players* and shower *radios* but nobody seems to make one with a tape player. I have a bunch of tapes that I...


Jpbischke, I'm glad my comment answered your question. Since the FM transmitter idea seems to be want...

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If you do not have the remote, or even if you do, try using the channel up/down buttons. These are the...

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Blu-ray Player Difficulties?

I recently bought a blu-ray player because my old dvd/vhs one kicked the bucket. I wasnt able to watch a single thing without the player breaking down on me so I decided to upgrade. Problem: My tv is hella old and I'm too broke to buy a new one. It still...


You can't really buy just a cheap cord to do this; HDMI is digital and composite is analog, so just...

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Lottery $750 grand prize, 3 digits combination, costs $1 to play what is the expected profit/loss?

lottery sets up a game wherein a player has a chance of collecting $750. The player must choose a 3-digit number and if it matches, the player receives $750 Remember, 000 is a 3-digit number for lottery draws. It costs $1 to play the game. What is each...


The three digit numbers are: 000, 001,.....999. There are exactly 1000 of them. The player pays $1,...

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