How do I hook up a VCR/DVD combo to a DVD recorder and TV?

Let’s learn how do I hook up a VCR/DVD combo to a DVD recorder and TV. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to Hook Up a VCR & a VCR/DVD Recorder Combo to a TV

Modern TV sets are equipped with multiple input jacks for connecting audio-video components like video game systems, DVD/VCR combos and stand-alone VCRs. Each…

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How can I hook up dvd recorder,tv,vcr, and direct tv dvr to a receiver?

I hooked up the panasonic dvd recorder output to the dvd in on the SONY receiver,direct tv dvr output to the tv/sat input,tv video input to video out monitor,vcr is hooked up from video/audio in to video 1 out and video /audio output on the vcr to input...


Okay, assuming that the dvr also is acting as your satellite box, I think you need to plug the direct...

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I have a sony hidef 42" a LG dvd recorder a dvd vhs combo and a cable box how do i hook all this stuff up?

I need to know how to hook all this stuff up. I've had the tv for a year but the vhs dvd combo and the LG dvd recorder are new. I looking for an online guide or some kind of print out that can guide me. What cables should I use? In what order should...


Well it would be a lot easier if you gave some insight on what models you have, but here are some options...

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How do u transfer vcr tapes on to dvd player with a dvd recorder/or vcrdvd combo?

i have a dvd recorder that i can transfer vcr tapes to my dvd player, how do i do that?


All you have to do is VCR outputs (composite/Yellow and audio/red & white jacks) to the corresponding...

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I want to hook up a DVD player to a TV/DVD combo (DVD doesn't work anymore). Only audio comes out. Help!

The TV/DVD combo is a Toshiba MW20FP1. I have input and output cables running from the new DVD machine through the TV. Is this the right thing to do?


Considering that you are using the right cables, The color scheme for A/V cables goes as follows, Yellow...

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Hook up tv, dvd recorder/player, and comcast cable box?

Help, Please. have 10 year old tv, a new dvd recorder/player, and a comcast cable box. in what order do i connect them? cable box-tv-dvd or cable box- dvd-tv. i want to more


Ok, well I didn't see you mention a switch ... usually that's required as well as cables, especially...

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TV has no HDMI port for dvd recorder, how do I hook it up?

I am trying to hook up a toshiba dvd recorder to record saved tv shows off of a dvr. Ive been told to hook up the red white and yellow cords from the dvr to the recorder, and the hdmi more


What are the outputs of the DVD recorder? I doubt it has only HDMI out. You don't need an output from...

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Trying to hook up a mono TV, TIVO, Digital Cable Box, and DVD Recorder?

I am trying to hook up my mono Zenith TV to my digital cable box, RCA DVD Recorder, and my TIVO. The DVD recorder does not have an RF out port only and RF/Cable in Port.


Hi Rodney A , Use the composite out (Red/White/Yellow). If your TV doesn't have a composite input get...

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How do i hook up my cable box, vcr, dvd recorder to my tv?

i have a vcr dvd recorder that i want to hook up to my cable box and tv but i can't figure out how to set it up without switching the cables around all the time. i use the vcr to watch the tv shows i've already recorded but just started recording on...


simple... cable from wall to cable box... cable box to vcr/dvd... vcr/dvd to tv. The usual hook ups...

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How do you hook up a DVD recorder to a tv with satellite on ch 75?

hi our satellite signal is on channel 75, the dish guy hooked up one tv that we never use to channel 3 and then he hooked up our main tv to channel 75, i cant figure out to hook up our dvd recorder so it will record off the tv on channel 75? Thank you...


Do you have an output on your tv? If you do then it is easy. Just connect the output from the tv to...

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