How do I hook up my VCR/DVD player to my tv?

Let’s learn how do I hook up my VCR/DVD player to my tv. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I hook up the stupid tv to the cable box, dvd player, etc.?

I have an old tv in the basement. It just has a cable hook-up in the back. I think I hook it up to the old vcr, then hook that up to the cable box. but what about the dvd player? The dvd player only has the red, white, yellow docks in the back. I tried...


You need to connect the DVD player through the VCR A/V connections, or with an RF modulator.

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I have an old tv and i cant hook up a dvd player! HELP!?

So i have an old tv and it only has a spot to hook up a cable cord. I want to be able to hook up a dvd player to the tv but i cannot as the dvd plugs are the red white and yellow ones, which i cannot connect to my tv because it does not have spots to...


You need what is called an RF Modulator (also known as a TV modulator). I answered this same question...

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How do I hook up surround sound to the TV channels, not just the DVD player alone?

I just bought and installed a LG Infinia 65LW6500 65 inch tv along with an LG BD670 blu-ray dvd player. I also have a surround sound system hooked up through the DVD player but I was wondering whether I could hook up the surround sound onto the tv channels...


Every TV will have an audio out port. So you just take that and run the wires from your TV to your surround...

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Does anyone know how to hook up a memorex dvd/cd player to a tv that has a ps2 and vcr hooked up to it?

I'm trying to hook up this dvd player and i'm getting so frustrated because I can't get it to work. and I don't have a manual for the dvd player. my tv is a sanyo picture in picture. that i have a ps2 and a sanyo vcr already connected to. on the back...


Ok here is the thing; This depends upon how many AV inputs u have on your TV system. According to my...

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Can a portable DVD player hook up to a TV and play like a regular DVD player?

I need a new DVD player and I'm wanting a portable DVD player so I was wondering if I could kill two birds with one stone. Does it vary from each DVD player? Do they all do it? Or do I have to buy both? And if it can hook up to a TV, what Portable DVD...


I have a Walmart brand that comes with a TV cable. There is an output jack on the player that one end...

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Hook up video to RCA TV from LG DVD Player?

I've had these two systems hooked up before working fine, I just moved to University and I don't know what happened, maybe I haven't hooked up the cords properly or what. I don't have either of the instruction manuals with me, I don't know the names...


Model numbers should usually be on little labels often near the power cord. Often in moving, items get...

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How do I hook up an old dvd player, to an old tv?

I have a old ORION tv it has to input connector things ( a video in and a aduio in.) and my Dvd player is a Jwin dvd player it has three hookups a red, yellow, and white one. The tv only has yellow and white. Is there any way to hook this up so it will...


Just hook up the yellow to yellow, (that is the video.) and the white to the audio...(leave the red...

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If I buy a 3D Blu Ray player, will it hook up and play my 2D movies on my regular HD TV?

Ive had my Blu Ray for about 2 years and Im looking to get a new player. Found a 3D player for 75 bucks, but Im not sure if it will be compatible with my HD tv or not. I know I cant watch 3D movies without a 3D TV, but will it still hook up and play...


A 3D Blu-ray Disc player will definitely play 2D content, both on BD and DVD. Now, of course, if you...

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How do I hook up my DVD player to my TV with a Direct TV satellite?

I have an LG flat screen TV, a Direct TV satellite box and a Memorex DVD player. How do I hook up the DVD player to work?


You should spend some money on an A/V receiver if you have a HDTV. then you can hook up all your peripherals...

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How do I hook-up cable box, tivo, dvd/vcr player to my TV and all of them work?

I got a new tv. All this stuff was hooked-up to old tv and worked fine. when I got the new tv and hooked everything up, the dvd/vcr player will no longer play on the tv and the cable in my bedroom no longer works, however it does work in 2 other rooms...


I am assuming you got a flat screen LCD type TV. The cable from the wall should be split first, get...

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