How to hook a DVR Cable box to a DVD Recorder?

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Connecting and Setting up your DVR / DVD Recorder

Connecting to Cable TV without using a Cable Box when the DVD recorder has a tuner. Connect the Cable from the wall to the DVD recorder Antenna IN

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The simplest way is to insert the DVD inline with the output of the DVR. This will however force you...

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How can I hook up a DVD recorder to my cable box if it doesn't have RCA hook ups?

I am wanting to purchase this dvd recorder:… The price is great. I do not have or want a DVR, I want to be able to record tv programs to a disk to watch at a later date. My cable company - suddenlink -...


Run the Coaxial from the Box to the DVD Recorder yet to connect to the DVD Recorder you need a 'Coaxial...

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Just bought a dvd recorder. How do I hook it up to my cable box to watch one channel, record another?

I have a cable box, vcr, and dvd recorder/dvr. How do I hook them up all together in order to watch one channel, record another? Please use simple terms because I have no idea about some of the terms the manual is talking about. Thanks!


The answer depends on several factors you have not mentioned. If your cable box has the yellow red and...

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DVR +vhs/dvd combo+TV = disaster, Can you help?

OK, I have DVR box through Time Warner cable and a new magnavox dvd recorder/vhs recorder and a Toshiba big screen (2004), I can't seem to hook this all up properly, I can play dvd's and vhs's but everything I record is black, but it is recording. The...


1. Can you see the picture and hear sound when you are recording. 2.Are you trying to record on a dvd...

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DVD Recorder set-up?

Hi, Can anyone help me? I have a new Memorex DVD Dual Format Recorder (MVDR2102) and I can't get it set-up. I also have a dvd player, vcr and a digital recorder cable box. My tv is new so it has all the connections I would need... Seems logical that...


The DVD recorder probably has selectable input signal source - for example: Antenna, Line, DV, etc....

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Is there anyway to force my DVD recorder to record copy written movies from my DVR?

I have some movies for the kids on the DVR, and I wanted to be able to put them on a DVD so they can watch them in their room, but my Sony DVD player/recorder displays a message that the movie is copy written. I've tried to hook the dvd player up a different...


If your TV has outputs try hooking it up that way. The only way I could think of is to hook it up sat...

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Sound on DVD Recorder?

Ok I have a Sony RDRGX257 DVD recorder. I was able to hook it up to the DVR/Cable box using the yellow, red, and white audio/video cords and get the picture from the tv to come thru when on the DVD input. However, sound is still not working. The sound...


Either use a different lead to hook up the equiptment I.E. a Scart cable or HDMI cable, And check the...

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How do I hook up a vcr/dvd combo player to my cable box so I can record things from my dvr player?

I have Knology cable and that cable box has a dvr. I have a Magnavox vcr/dvd combo, my tv is an older model Magnavox that only has the one cable thing in the back. I also have a RF Modulator if need be. I would like to hook up my vcr/dvd player so that...


This will be easy, being I have the same exact DVR/Set-Top Box So I am guessing you have your Cable...

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I have a dvd recorder without a receiver, and basic limited NON-DIGITAL cable. How do I hook up the dvr?

Our cable company has not switched the basic channels to digital, so I can record the channels I get on my dvr, if I hook it up right. But my dvr doesn't have a receiver, so I can't plug the cable into the dvr; I have to plug the cable into the tv and...


You need a demodulated base band video signal to go into the DVD. I suggest that you find an OLD VCR...

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