How to set up a combination VCR & DVD Cable box to a TV?

Let’s learn how to set up a combination VCR & DVD Cable box to a TV. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Most electronics companies no longer produce VCR players that stand alone. The only way you can purchase...

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How can I hook up a VCR and a DVD to a cable box then to my TV?

I have a Sanyo TV from the 90's. It does NOT have any A/V slots only one spot on the back for a coax cable. I would like to hook up a Emerson VCR ,a Philips DVD player, and my cable box to the same TV. I tried running a line from the wall to the VCR...


You need 1 cable splitter, 1 coax cable switch box, 1 RF modulator and several pieces of coax. Cable...

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Help hooking up cable box, vcr/dvd recorder, & tv... snowy picture?

I got a new entertainment center today, and the delivery guys took all my TV stuff apart... Trying to hook it back up, I can't get a clear picture when I go through my VCR/DVD recorder. The way I have it hooked up is wall to cable box, cable box to vcr...


Just to make sure I'm reading this right (WALL) -> (CABLE BOX) -> (RECORDER) -> (TV) The order...

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How to set up LCD TV w/ Cable Box, DVD Player and to play through DVD Player home theater stereo?

Im considering purchasing my parents an LCD TV and w/DVD player home theater and would like to know what audio options I have. They currently have BASIC cable (no box) and a DVD player. If I purchase Digital Cable and A New DVD Player Home Theater, the...


Yell at your ipod then tell it to hook itself up to your system then yell at your system. It should...

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How do I hook up DVD & VCR & Wii through Fios Cable box to Samsung Plasma TV and actually be able to select each device?

We got a Samsung Plasma TV and it only has a few inputs (most of which my other devices don't even have). I hooked up the Fios cable box directly. Then I hooked up the Wii directly to the cable box and the DVD player to the VCR and then the VCR to the...


Maybe you can get further info at this website: onics?r=ppc|ga...

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How do I connect a new DVD/VCR combo to my old TV with a cable box?

My eternal gratitude for any who can help. I have a very old TV with no outputs except one for cable so everything goes through the cable box. The yellow, red and white on DVD/VCR is connected to yellow red and white cable on back of cable box which...


Forget about the yellow, red and white cables. Take the black cable that comes out of the cable box...

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Tv hooking up to dvd-vcr (no tuner) cable only (no box) with dvd player with tuner?

I have a new Sanyo 42" with all the connections available. I do not have the cable box, so am not viewing as HDMI at this time or using any HDMI cables either. I have plenty of red and yellow calbes for use though, splitters, lots of coaxle cable...


Hook the dvd with tuner to the tv with an hdmi cable for the best sound and video Hook the dvd-vcr to...

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How do i hook up my cable box, vcr, dvd recorder to my tv?

i have a vcr dvd recorder that i want to hook up to my cable box and tv but i can't figure out how to set it up without switching the cables around all the time. i use the vcr to watch the tv shows i've already recorded but just started recording on...


simple... cable from wall to cable box... cable box to vcr/dvd... vcr/dvd to tv. The usual hook ups...

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I am trying to hook up a DVD recorder & a VCR to a TV with cable but no cable box.?

I am trying to hook up a DVD recorder & a VCR to a TV with cable but no cable box.


Hi there. Coax cable from the wall, to your VCR. Then from VCR to the coax port on your television....

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How to connect a single RF TV to VCR/DVD combo and FIOS Cable box?

my TV is a old TV/VCR emerson combo with only a plug for the COAX cable My VCR is a GO VIDEO combo DVD/VCR - just got it(freeby) - it is also older - but it has all the color plug ins more


its always audio/video in or if coax antenna in no matter what color its usually CH line 2

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