How much is a motorbike license in the UK?

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Annex 2. Motorcycle licence requirements - The Highway ...

Beta This part of GOV.UK is ... An annex of The Highway Code with information and ... To obtain your full moped or motorcycle licence you MUST pass a motorcycle ...

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How to get a motorbike license (UK) TEN POINTS?

Hi, I love motorbikes and I really want to get a lisence. I am 17, which means I can apply. But how do I? Where do I go to get application forms etc...? I was also wondering what more


There two type of license you can take as your 17, You have restricted license which allows you ride...

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Riding a motorbike in the UK on a US license: What are the rules?

I moved to the UK earlier this year for work, and have recently bought a Vespa scooter. I had an unrestricted motorcycle license in the US (Illinois, specifically). I'm in the process of getting the Vespa insured, and am applying for my provisional license...


My reading is that you can ride on your US licence for 12 months for the classes of vehicle that you...

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Can I ride on a UK motorbike license in Illinois?

I'm moving to Chicago for 12 months in January, and am intending to use a motorbike as my main mode of transport (aside from trains). If I have a full UK motorbike license, can I buy more


You can start by getting an international drivers license. My brother moved to Ireland, and when he...

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UK motorbike license?

I have a full UK motorbike license but not riden for 20 years. Can I simply buy a bike today and use it tomorrow?

Answer: Give these ppl a call - number on the website - they'll help out no probs. Ride...

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No if you already have a full license alll you need to do is get your CBT done :-). Get your test done...

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Will a full motorbike license from the UK cover me in Australia?

I have a full 125cc motorbike license and want to know what or if it will cover me on in Australia


The regulations vary a little between states but basically, while you are visiting Australia on any...

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What's the legality of driving a (hired/purchased) motorbike in India, having lost your UK drivers license?

My main worry is that insurance covers me in case of an accident, and although I can't drive for a while in the UK, is it possible to take a motorbike test in India and then still be covered? Cheers :)


which / what insurance covers you in india ? Local insurance with the bike hire, not a problem. They...

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I want to ride a motorbike for leisure in Thailand, I have 2 full car License, UK and Australian.can i ?

I have 2 full car licenses, Australian and UK, can i use any of them to use to ride a Motorbike in THAILAND either twist n go type or low powered, and if yes then is it legal... many more


Yes, you can. You are more than welcome to come and enjoy our Thai hospitality. You will always be greeted...

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Motorbike test (UK) - License restrictions - CC as well as bhp?

I'm confused! What are the exact restrictions on motorcycles you're allowed to ride when passing the A1 test. i.e. The engine CC and bhp. Is it the CC that is limited as well?? I'm 22, ride 125cc regularly, passed the theory today and don't fancy shelling...


Hey Matt, The link below will give you all the details you need:

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