How much will a flight from Montreal to Ibiza cost?

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How much would a flight from Montreal to Ibiza cost ?

I couldn't seem to find any sites that would tell me directly, without me having to go into all the details which I didn't know. So can anyone please tell me the estimated amount of money it would cost for 1 person to take a 2 week trip ( a to and from ticket ) from Montreal's Dorval airport to Ibiza, Spain. As far as I know there is only one airport there with the name I don't actually know. Thank you !


Ibiza (IBZ) is only served by domestic flights from six different Spanish airports: Alicante (ALC),...

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How much does it cost to get a flight from jordan to montreal ?

i am from lebanon and i just discovered that jordan airlines go direct from jordan to montreal and since it is a close country to mine i was wondering how much will it cost to have a one way ticket from jordan to montreal?


According to Royal Jordanian Airlines, they do not fly directly from Amman to Montréal. However...

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Anyone know the best (or cheapest) way to get to IBIZA??!?

am goin to europe in aug-september, and I will be in barcelona but really want to go to Ibiza for a few days too. I think that ferrys go there but it takes like 8 hours to get there from Barcelona or valencia. How do I get there quickly and cheaply?...


Yes, there's Spanair and Iberia airlines. They both provide cheap flights between Barcelona and Ibiza...

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How much will it cost to travel from UK to Ibiza?

I'm 15 and my mum wants to go back to portinax, Ibiza next year. With me, my 19 year old sister and maybe my sisters friend. I'm hoping to take a friend too, but I know her mum won't pay for her, she probably wants to come though cos she's never been...


Go on the Easyjet website & check out flight prices. It depends what time of year you plan to go...

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Any suggestions on how to get from Toronto Airport (YYZ) to Montreal by land with 2 large bags?

I'm going to Montreal next using some a mileage program. I had to change dates at last minute and now there is no direct flight available. The closer I can get is Toronto. I can pay for a flight to Montreal but that would cost me $190 apart from the...


You could take the airport shuttle directly from the airport to the Royal York Hotel (accross street...

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Cheapest Way from NYC to Montreal?

I would like to visit montreal for a few days. Can someone tell me what is the cheapest way to get there? And does it save you more money if you book it earlier like when you book flights earlier? I checked online and it seems like amtrak is really cheap...


If the train you looked up says $62 then that`s pretty good. You would spend more than that in gas if...

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How long does it take to reach Vancouver Airport from Vancouver Downtown using cab or bus?How much it'll cost?

I have to get out of US Consulate in downtown Vancouver around 3:30 pm on 22nd Aug and fly to Montreal on the same day. The earliest flight is 4:50 pm, and the next direct flight to Montreal is at 11PM. I need to be at my company's conference in Montreal...


I suggest you take cab,I've ever taken cab from downtown vancouver to the airport.I spent $25 plus tip...

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How much would a week holiday to ibiza cost?

i wana go to ibiza on 17th august with my mum, her boyfriend and my friend. how much would it cost per person for a flight and nice hotel? and then how much spending money would be needed do you think? thankss x x x


im bookin majorca for 4 ppl its around 180-250 per person and id take about 300 spends if poss

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How mch did it cost from malaysia to ibiza island?

i wonder how much did it cost for the flight from malaysia to ibiza island coz im planning to go for holiday in there...


flight from KL to Madrid to Ibiza 3000 Ringgit but why. beaches etc is nicer in Malaysia food is better...

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What is the cheapest way to travel from Montreal to Brussel, Belgium during the 2012 Summer ?

I don't know if I can save money on the travel cost by taking a flight Montreal-Paris and then take the train Paris-Brussels instead of a non-stop Montreal-Brussels flight. I am planning to only stay in brussels for 1 week. I am really open to your suggestions...


Id go with the less complicated choices, which are two. The first one Montreal - NY - Amsterdam. Once...

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