How much will university in UK cost for 4 years?

Let’s learn how much will university in UK cost for 4 years. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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If you are a resident British student the tuition is likely to be £15,000 or so in total; books...

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PLS HELP! How much would it cost me, being a Romanian,to study in USA,UK or Canada?and how can i get accepted?

I'm 17 years old, living in Romania(which recently became an EU member, fact that is supposed to make it easier and cheaper for me to study in UK). I'm currently on 11th grade, which means i'm in my 3rd year of highschool, so i still ahve 1 more year...


these places would know the answer to that question or at least know of an org that can... FROM OTHER...

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Which UK university has the best tourist location?

I'm a student from NZ, and i have my heart set on going on an exchange to the UK, but i can't decide on which university to go to! I have never been to the UK, so being a "tourist", with limited knowledge on the people and lifestyle of the...


You've missed out Liverpool. Get there you'll have a ball!

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Applying for UK citizenship while attending university after two years?

Well, here's my situation. I would like to attend the Oxford University of medicine. I recently visited the Oxford website and the tuition and fees are conveniently priced for UK students, while for international students its double the price. Now here...


No you can't. UK universities are cheap for UK students because they are subsidized by the UK government...

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Average yearly cost? Leeds university in the UK?

Im planning on attending leeds university next year but I do have some issuse considering the cost of living in the UK. I was wondering about how much the yearly cost of living in the Uk around the leeds/bradford area including the tuition.


Most courses are £3,000-3,500 a year. I am not sure how much accomodation would be if you were...

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How much will it cost me to get my associates degree from Open University based out of the UK?

I want to study from "Open University" which is based in the UK. It is an online University and i was just wondering how much it will cost per semester and overall for the associates degree program and what my possible payment options are....


UK universities do not offer Associate degrees. The Open University does not offer degrees in Mechanical...

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How much per year does it cost to attend a university in the UK (for a study abroad student)?

How much per year would it cost an international student to attend a university in the UK


It depends on the course you intend to study as well as the location of the University. Most undergraduate...

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How much would it cost for a UK citizen to go to an American University?

I'm from England and I've been giving it a lot of thought about going to an American University/college. I was wondering how much it would cost to go to the university of: more


University of Alaska has many foreign students, especially at their main campus in Fairbanks. Tuition...

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Am I eligible for student finance for university if I have lived in the UK for less than 3 years?

I am a UK national and I have been in the UK for 2 years. I have a home address which means I am ordinarily resident *I think*


I think you may be eligible if you are a UK national though it may depend on how you got the nationality...

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Can a student who was at the university for 2 years continue her education in UK universities ?

My friend were studing drama for 2 years and she had to leave her country and live in UK with her family . Can she continue here in UK ? she is so sad if she want to start from the first step as she was best student . If yes what should she do ? Please...


It depends on her status in the UK, is she a refugee? An imigrant? Is she from an EU country?

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