How's the Samsung Mythic's touch screen?

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My Samsung Galaxy Pop's touch screen is not working. How much will it cost to replace the touch screen of my smartphone?

I have a Samsung Galaxy pop smart phone. Its touch screen is not working. It is most probably a hardware problem since I have tried all software related solutions. The exclusive Samsung store has quoted a price of around Rs. 4,000  for its repair. I...


If you go to google and type in "how much for a replacement screen for samsung galaxy tab 4,"...

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Help with samsung messenger touch main screen?

ok, so i just got a samsung messenger touch and i love it. i have cricket as a service and i hate cricket. but anyways, i was distracted with something while holding my phone in one hand. and you know how whewn you hold down on one of the things on the...


So, the Hangover seems more important than getting this done, that's cool. There's an Owner's Manual...

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Samsung Impression a877, dead touch screen?

So I have a Samsung Impression a877. The touch screen is currently not functional. I spoke to a tech guy on the phone, and my best option would be to do a hard reset on the phone. However, this cannot be done without access to the touch screen, as the...


whats ur probelm because i have the same probelm i think...MYMPRESSION turns on but SEE I DONT get to...

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Problem with Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 touch screen?

i have a Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 everything used to work fine but then i traveled by plane and took it with me. i was careful with the bag that had the Samsung galaxy in it. i haven't used it for about 2 weeks and now the touch screen works for a few...


If it has a screen guard, remove it and then try.

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Is it possible to replace the screen for a samsung touch screen?

i have a samsung tocco lite and the screen is scratched up, it still works and everyhting but i want to change the screen (i will then use a screen protector so it doesnt scatch up again) but yeah is it possible?


yeah its possible just get a new screen from ebay they come with all the tools yoou will need, i did...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 touch screen not responding!!?

The touch screen on my samsung galaxy tab is not responding.All the physical buttons work but when I enter the unlock screen nothing responds to my touch.Any help will be much appreciated.


Restart the device. If that does not work the manufacturer has a 1 year warranty on it. Touch the power...

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Does anyone know why a samsung solstice touch screen would all of a sudden have a multicolored screen?

My phone fell on the floor today and now it has a green and purple screen. It looks like the damn thing is on acid. The screen touch is off too. any ideas?


The screen is damaged, and likely partially delaminated. The screen must be replaced in order to correct...

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How do I fix a non-responsive touch screen on the Samsung Impact?

For the last few months the screen would respond, but in the wrong location. I touched the left side of the screen and it would be as if I had touched the right side instead. Now the touchscreen is completely unresponsive. It won't even know that I have...


Hi There,  Please try the following tips and I hope this helps. 1. RESTART YOUR PHONE It works 80%...

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My Samsung Reality's touch screen isn't there any way to access my messages without it?

I frequently drop my phone on accident, but this time the touch screen stopped working after i dropped it. It don't respond to my touch but still lights up and everything. The slide out keyboard still works. Basically, i'm just wondering if there is...


I really wish I had an answer to this because I could use one! The EXACT same thing happened to me two...

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Samsung Finesse My Touch Screen!?

~ Hello I Just Got Me The New MetroPCS SamSung Finesse And It Had Few Scrates On It So I Was Wondering I Took Off My Screen And Now The Buttons Wont Work So But I Can Still Press N Stuff But I Need My Screen I Went Online And Brought Me One So Not The...


Just take it to the phone store that you bought it from. You can pay them to put it back together for...

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