How can you get an iPod touch screen fixed?

Let’s learn how can you get an iPod touch screen fixed. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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There are many ads on ebay and craigslist for ipod screen repair.

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How much and where can I get my cracked Ipod Touch screen fixed?

I do NOT have insurance or whatever on it. I just bought it off of ebay. It's the white Ipod touch (so the latest one) Will they even fix it if I don't have warranty on it?? I'm willing to pay! I live in the Detroit part of Michigan if that helps find...


well u cood go 2 currys :) if thats were thers 1 were u liv not sure how much it wood cost i no 4 certain...

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How much would it cost to get my ipod touch screen fixed?

i accidentally dropped my ipod touch in the bath ; but only the bottom part actually touched the water, now the screen is dark & you can only just seeit, how much will it cost to get fixed & where could i get it fixed ?


I didn't have warranty and apple charged me 100$ for my 8gb 2nd gen itouch. I think they make you pay...

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My ipod touch screen has broken, where can i get it fixed? and will it cost money?

I've broken the screen on my ipod touch and I need to get it fixed. The ipod still works perfectly but it just has a big crack going through the screen. Ive had it for about 9 months more


if its under warranty take it back to the shop you got it out of and they awill tell you what to do...

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How much would it cost to get my iPod touch screen fixed?

I got it Feburary 2011 (last year, for my birthday) and there is a huge black spot in the top left corner of the screen, I went to future shop, and they said the warranty would'nt cover it.. The screen isn't exactly broken, but there is just a big black...


I usually just fix it my self but if are not tech savy like me find a friend who is and just get the...

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Is there a place where I can send my ipod nano multi-touch to get the screen fixed.?

I dropped my ipod nano multi-touch and the whole screen cracked. Little pieces are falling out of the screen. Is there a place I can send it or bring it to to get it repaired.


A mac store would be the best bet, since they're the ones that make them.

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Where can I get my ipod touch screen fixed.?

My ipod touch 3rd gen was dropped and it cracked. After a while the crack got worse and is now really bad. I want to use it but I don't want it comepletely brake and there to be no glass! Do you know where I can get it fixed at a cheap price in the UK...


at an apple store ... brace yourself for a shock though!! it'll probably be cheaper to buy a new ipod...

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How much does it cost to get your iPod touch screen fixed?

Okay so i recently broke my ipod and got a new one, and i'm really dumb and cracked the screen on my new one -______- and I REALLLY need help, where do I take it to get the screen replaced? and how much would it be? please help!!! xo


pfft. for that ^ just get a new one.. :/

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Microcenter on bethel rd.

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Where i can get my ipod touch 4g screen glass fixed ?

ok my ipod got droped on the concrete n i need to get my screen n glass repaired


I'll take a wild guess and say an Apple store. You can also order parts and fix it yourself if you're...

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