How can I fix my iPod Touch?

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8 Ways to Fix a Broken iPod - wikiHow

How to Fix a Broken iPod. ... To reset an iPod Touch, ... If resetting your iPod still doesn't fix the issue, you can restore your iPod to factory conditions and then ...

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How Can I Fix My Literally "Frozen" Ipod Touch? It was buried in the snow for 2 days and my mom ran it over!..?

On accident I dropped my ipod touch in the snow without noticing it, I was looking for it and then two days later my mom found it on the road by the sidewalk, she ran over the left half of it and now every time I try to turn up the volume it automatically...


First of all you don't want to bring your iPod outside or not have it out while your outside in the...

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How can I fix my iPod Touch 4g usage?

My iPod Touch is 4G, and 8GB. My problem is that when i first got my ipod i had 6.2 GB available and 251 MB was already used like any other ipod. Then I installed 2 app that and one of them was 26 MB and the other was 20 MB. The in showed that i have...


The MB isn't anything to worry about. Each app is different in memory size. I think the second pic shows...

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How can I fix my ipod touch?

I have an ipod touch 3g and i jailbroke it and it was sucsessful I couldnt turn it off though or else i would have to restore so instead i just tapped the button on the top. but i didnt power off the ipod. than like 3 weeks later my ipod ran out of battery...


I tried to jaibreak my ipod touch and somthing similar happened, but if itunes wont come up, your out...

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How ****** is my iPod touch? how can i fix it?

details, my ipod is jailbroken. the home button stopped working in middle january. i still havent gotten it fixed, but because of the greatness of jailbreaking, i was abe do use it still, get home, multitasking, etc. well yesterday i downloaded a dreamboard...


the full link isn't shown Can you edit your question? I'm new to Yahoo Answers All I remember is that...

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How can i fix the youtube application on my ipod touch?

the youtube app on my ipod touch just randomly decided to stop working. it will search for videos and all my bookmarks are still there, but anytime i try to play a video it will go to the screen and an error message will pop up saying "this video...


Are you sure the WiFi network is still connected? no network=no videos. Have you reset the iPod? If...

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How can i fix my iPod touch?

i got my iPod touch screen fixed. and when i got it back everything was perfect and all of a sudden the screen doesn't respond (like when i touch it, it doesn't do anything) on the top row where the apps are and i was wondering if anyone knows what could...


Try plugging it in to itunes. If this does nothing, try holding the center button on the bottom and...

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Is it worth taking my ipod touch 4 to apple store or how can I fix ?

Hi, Ive had my ipod since christmas so about 10 months. Since I got it the battery life runs out fast whether im using it or not. I can only use it for about 1 hour before it runs out. Also all my headphones, cheap or expencive doesnt matter, dont work...


If you got warranty YES go get it changed Just tell them I restored the phone alot and did all the troubleshooting...

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How can I fix my iPod Touch if water has entered?

Okay, before haters go hate. I was being really retarded, however, I really wanted that stain off. I was cleaning my iPod touch with the sink running, and placed it on the water. It was working after, but then overnight, my iPod's battery ran out, and...


throw it nd buy nw 1

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How can i fix my ipod touch 2g 16gb?

i have a ipod touch 2g fully updated 16gb but when i listen to stuff on it through earphones or headphone a Only get one side of the earphone/ headphones working for example only the left side works. I can make both work by forcing the jack in but as...


Firstly, i am 90% sure that its the fault of all your headphones. if i am wrong, then take it to the...

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