Where to get my DS Touch screen fixed?

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I broke my touch screen on my ds!!!! where can i get it fixed in Chigcago???

My ds Touch Screen broke when it hit the ground now there is a huge crack in it and there is also a black dot at the bottom of the touch screen i need it fixed and replaced if you know where and how much PLEASE tell me!!!!!!!!!!


for regular DS click here http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/repair/… DS lite, click here http...

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Can i replace my nintendo ds lite's touch screen because i really need to or tell me where i can get it fixed!

i need to replace it because my heavy piggy bank fell on it and left a black spot that looks cranked and the side the spot is on the screen is plain white but the other side still works! And can you tell me where i can get it fixed! I got it from Best...


i hate that one prblem about the screens i had a ds (first ver.) and my sister pushed in on the top...

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You're going to want to contact Nintendo about that, but I do know that touchscreens are expensive to...

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yes you have to go to gamestop and pay like 20$ hope it helped

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How do i repair my nintendo ds lite touch screen?

My sister dropped my ds by accident & now the touch screen doesn't work. what do i do? & how much does it cost to get it fixed?


Well if you can argue the case that it was a manufactuer defect then the price is free. Otherwise its...

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How much would it cost to get my ipod touch screen fixed?

i accidentally dropped my ipod touch in the bath ; but only the bottom part actually touched the water, now the screen is dark & you can only just seeit, how much will it cost to get fixed & where could i get it fixed ?


I didn't have warranty and apple charged me 100$ for my 8gb 2nd gen itouch. I think they make you pay...

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How to get Nintendo DS Lite screen fixed?

I have a Nintendo DS Lite but the screen took a bit of a bash and now it is almost completely white. Is there anywhere I can take my Nintendo to get its top screen fixed in Scotland? ...show more


Mine broke like 5 years ago (I'm in America) and I got it fixed from a warranty. But last year my brothers...

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My Chocolate Touch phone screen broke. Is it worth it to get it fixed or should I just get a new phone?

I don't know how it happened, but my lg Chocolate Touch's screen cracked and now there are just a few cracks in the corner. When I try to turn it on, the cracks light up but the rest of the screen stays black. It still rings and vibrates when I get calls...


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd15VjP_nck This will solve your problems ;)

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Is it trustworthy to get my iPod Touch screen fixed at a non-Apple store?

A friend broke my iPod touch screen and is insisting on getting it fixed at a store that is NOT associated with Apple because it is much cheaper. I don't really trust that, but he said something about OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and that it...


yes, look up some electronic repair stores in your area and it should cost you around 40$-60$ good luck...

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My ipod touch screen has broken, where can i get it fixed? and will it cost money?

I've broken the screen on my ipod touch and I need to get it fixed. The ipod still works perfectly but it just has a big crack going through the screen. Ive had it for about 9 months ...show more


if its under warranty take it back to the shop you got it out of and they awill tell you what to do...

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