How to Display Big Data On A Google Map?

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shapefile - Display big data set on Google Maps ...

I have a pretty large polygon shapefile (almost 1.5 million buildings) that I want to display in Google Maps. As the KML would be far too big, I have to create tiles ...

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How to display 300+ GPX cycling routes over a Google Maps base layer

GPX Visualization on Google Maps: I have 300+ GPX files of bike rides that I'd like to be able to link to somehow over a Google Maps base layer, visually approximating this. This is related to my previous AskMe about cycling every road in a town; I need...


I'm so glad you asked this question, I had wondered about doing this and you were my push to do it ...

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What's an easy way to build a visual map of the links between about 60 pieces of data?

Visual map to handle the links between ~60 pieces of data - not quite a sitemap, not quite a diagram... is there a better term for what I'm trying to find? I'm looking for a program / web tool / software that will let me input the links between ~ 60...


The magic word you want, borrowed from math and computer science, is "graph." In your case...

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Is it legal to use google map data to your offline map app?

Hi, first time to ask question here, I am thinking to build an offline map app. The source data I'm thinking to use is google map data, basically, I pre-download the google map data and save locally and later when the user travel to a new country without...


You need to go through their terms & conditions, probably here - Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms...

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Can Google Harvest Data from the Google Map API?

The question came up about our use of the Google Map API. We have Google maps which we populate with XML data. Can Google harvest that data when a user views it? For example: a map is showing employees, their locations and their salaries (fictitious...


Do you mean is it theoretically technically possible, or do you mean do their terms of service allow...

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Driving distance data for multiple point on google maps or other map services?

I have four points/places on a google map or other online map; point A,B,C, and D. the only moving point is point A. My question is, is there a way to get the driving distance data from point A to the rest of the points all in one go instead of entering...


I use mapquest, it provides an itemized mileage from each point to point in the travel. m

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Who are the data vendors going to be for Apple's new iPhone map app that replaces Google Maps?

Three potential layers of data providers; - map db: Navteq/Nokia, TeleAtlas/TomTom, AND, Zenrin, Autonavi, Mapmyindia, OpenStreetMap, Micello, PointInside etc - static POI data: AT&T Interactive, InfoUSA, Foursquare, many others - dynamic data: weather...


It's TomTom. For Japan iPC. Still needed to be more data.

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How does Google Map work and gather data?

We have a 4 way-crossing near our house and currently the traffic police has barred the movement from left to right (& vice-versa) by putting some obstructions in between. This crossing is under a bridge and has been allowing traffic movement in...


The technology behind Google maps collects data via a combination of satellite, aerial and street level...

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How is China messing up the coordinates on Google Maps? Have they just given faulty coordinates in the map data they have sold/given to Google?

Clarification: Google Maps coordinates are off by around 400 meters in China. It is not random though, it is the same offset every time (for the same point). I don't have enough data to confirm whether it varies (either by distance or direction).


To be precise, China is not messing up with Google Maps. Chinese government forbids geographic survey...

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I would check out CartoDB (Create beautiful dynamic data driven maps), specifically meant for GIS /...

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