How to add multiple polygons to a (Google) map?

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How do i Add and Remove polygons on a Google Map (version 3)?

I'm trying to show and remove polygons onto a google map - using v3 of the API. In my javascript, i've already got an MVCArray of some custom Lat-Longs. What I'm stuck trying to figure out is how to add these polys and then (based upon some other javascript event / user experience feedback .. like clicking on a poly (that has been rendered) ... that poly will be removed. Can someone help? Code or links to examples? I'm struggling to find some examples .. most of them usually goto some v2 code...


In the API docs, there are a couple of simple examples of adding a polygon to a map. Here's the initialize...

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Is there a way to choose the icon for a place that I add to a Google Map (in My Places) when I add it?

This is the way it seems like I have to add places to a map I've made in "My Places": 1)  Open map 2)  Search for the place I want to add 3)  Click on its icon on the map, or on the left in its "entry" 4)  Click "save to map...


When using this flow/functionality to add Places to your own Map then Google will always automatically...

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Can I add dates to a Google Map?

I asked this years ago when I was trips planning on a google maps...  and now every time I am planning a trip on google maps, I'm always wishing I could add dates. I want to add dates to each city I plan on driving to...  when I'm arriving when I plan...


Check out we allow you to create animated interactive maps that you can use as an itinerary...

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Add a google map in to my blog at

How to add a google map in to my blog ? I need to add it to my article but HTML tags are erased.. help need... SHAN


I just copy the address in the address bar when I get the image I want at mapquest. May work in google...

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How do you add a Google map icon for your business in Google Places?

We have an owner-verified Google Places business listing.  The listing is 100% complete, but how do you get an icon added to Google maps? It's these type of icons:


Hi., Those icon are auto generated. If you monitor closely, Each icon is based on the category of business...

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How to add one's location on Google Map?

Dear All, Please tell me how to add our location in Google Map


To find your location on Google Maps: Computer: ~Way #1) In the bottom right hand corner (under the...

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How do I add a comments for each place into a Google map I created?

I am created a map and would like to have comments for each place in the map. I did this years ago but can't seem to do it now.


Once you put your map in edit mode by clicking the [Edit] button at the top left, when you click on...

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How to add my location in google map?

marking my location in google map


Google Maps My Location feature displays your current location on the map. It'll appear as a blue dot...

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How do I create a map on Google which allows me add photos to the locations where I took them?

I would like to get photos from my Instagram and put a point on the map for the location where I took them. How can I do this?


Both Panoramio: Photos of the World (Google) and Flikr allow you to upload photos and add a geo-code...

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Add marker to map when button is clicked?

I have been trying to figure this out for weeks but i am really stuck. I am trying to add a marker to a google map only when the user clicks the add marker button calling the addMarker function. The problem that i am having is that i cant figure out...


I would say that.... there is no way to make that since there is no such command available.... Good...

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